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Get Control Of Vehicle Leaks With Spill Containment Berms!

Spills and leaks can happen in an instant. One moment, you’re free and clear, then suddenly, you spot it: engine oil dripping on the concrete. No matter the fluid—from oil to water to fuel to coolant—controlling spills and leaks is an absolute must. Vehicle leaks can cause serious damage if allowed to persist. This isn’t just damaging to the vehicle, but causes damage to the immediate vicinity, as well as environmental damage. One of the quickest and most effective ways to get control over spills, leaks, and drips is with spill containment berms. These durable, protective barriers contain spills and leaks of all kinds. They’re perfect for vehicle-based leaks.

Spills, Leaks, and Drips That Must Be Contained

Whether you’re a small business or supplying an industrial site, there are a variety of spills and leaks that can occur and need to be contained. Vehicles are among the most common sources of leaks—cars, pickups, large trucks, and so on. Engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid can seep out of these vehicles and lead to major headaches if left unchecked. Generator trailers and other portable machines can also leak.

If you have other hazardous liquids, including paints and cleaners, those too will need to be contained in the event of a leak or spill. Spill containment berms come in a variety of sizes. Some can fit under a sink, while other berms can hold tractor trailers. They are all about keeping liquids separated. Different liquids for different purposes should be kept as separated as possible. A water bladder tank keeps potable water on hand and safe from contamination, which is another measure every worksite should take. The spill berm is another barrier based on the idea of separation and safety.

The Consequences of Spills

One of the biggest concerns related to spills and leaks is the environmental impact. This impact is two-fold. It includes the impact on your local environment—wildlife, water supply, etc. It also includes the impact on worksite safety. Vehicle or industrial leaks can pose serious health risks to individuals.

Spill containment berms are an added layer of security. They keep accidental leaks separated from the surrounding environment. Deploying a berm can contain a spill in just a few minutes. Then you can address it, reducing the chance of contamination and potential health risks. Additionally, in an industrial setting, you avoid potential fines and other regulatory consequences.

Spill Containment Berms Give You More Control

Spill containment berms should be quick and easy to deploy. When you get a spill containment berm—even if you don’t need it right then and there—it’s a good idea to understand how it works. Many quick-deploy containment berms can be laid out by a single person, but it’s essential to verify that this is the case before the need arises. Knowing that you can quickly deploy it in under a few minutes can make a difference should you experience a spill or leak.

Spill containment berms are also more than just controlling existing spills and leaks. They’re ideal for prevention. Planning on working on a vehicle? Lay out your berm, drive or tow the vehicle into place, and begin work. Any spills and drips are immediately contained. There’s no worry of mess or contamination.

About AIRE Environmental

AIRE Environmental, formerly known as AIRE Industrial, has been a leader in providing water storage and spill containment solutions for homes, businesses, and organizations since 2001. Based in Meridian, Idaho, they proudly design and manufacture their products right in the USA. Known for portable water bladders, spill containment berms, flood barriers, and erosion control, AIRE Environmental meets your needs, big or small. Their products are made to rigorous specifications with top-grade materials and built to last. Whether you’re facing down nature’s wrath or you simply need products that get the job done, no questions asked, you can count on AIRE Environmental.

Learn more about spill containment berms and find one that fits your needs at https://www.aireenvironmental.com/

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