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Get Modern Means to Conduct Joint Replacement Surgery

The human body is a complex structure made up of multiple systems working together to run one body. One of the systems called the musculoskeletal system comprises bones, muscles and ligaments.

It not only provides support to the body but also helps in locomotion. Movement is a blessing as we work only if we can move. Some mishaps like sudden hit or development of bone disease damage joints and bones leading to pain and condition where movement is ceased. To address such damages orthopedic surgeons and doctors are present. They diagnose keenly making every try to treat with medicines but when symptoms don’t disappear they recommend surgery.

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Joints are much in use as they aid in movement thus they are more prone to wear and tear over time. Also, injuries due to sudden hits or twisting can damage joints. Depending on the degree of tear orthopedic surgeons either do partial or total joint replacement surgery. The procedure sounds painful as the joint is replaced but joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is now commenced with modern means so patients bleed less and recover quickly.

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What happens in joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement becomes mandatory when the pain is unending or getting worse day by day even after medicinal treatment. It depends on the condition of the joint whether a patient needs a replacement or not.

Diseases or an accidental injury sometimes tear the joint so badly making it almost difficult to heal. For this reason, orthopedic surgeons prefer to remove the existing joint and replace it with prosthetic parts made up of ceramic, metal and plastic. The artificial joint is carefully designed to imitate the motion of a natural one.

Modern means

Surgeries like that of hip replacement surgery in Pakistan was quite complicated as big cuts are made on the skin to expose the joint inside. This causes a lot of blood loss and wound take a lot of time to heal. The advancement of technology and ataşehir olgun escort passion of Pakistani surgeons to learn modern and new things related to the field led to the introduction of modern means to conduct joint replacement surgery in Pakistan. Here we are talking about Arthroscopy and arthroplasty.

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Let’s see what arthroscopy and arthroplasty is?


It’s the modern era surgery where the artificial joint is placed instead of the damaged or diseased natural joint. The joint is intelligently made with an amalgamation of metal, plastic and ceramics that replicate the movement of the rear joint. Bone cement is introduced to hold the components together and fix them in position.

A special gun for such purpose is used that let to weld parts together in the best way possible. This procedure let the patient regain its lost motion by eliminating persisting pain. Otherwise, people before keep on living with damaged joined bearing inflammation and pain that hinder daily chores. The only use of medicine is the suggested solution before.


Another modern technology that evolved to make surgery easier with minimally invasive cuts. Under this procedure a pen-like. A tool with a camera and light on top is inserted into the small cut made over the affected joint. The orthopedic surgeon could see the inside video on the computer screen placed nearby.

In this way, he can study damaged joints in detail and operate them along. This procedure proved quite helpful in treating joint pain. The patient return to the quick recovery phase soon after this procedure. Also because of small cuts, blood doesn’t waste much and chances of getting scars is also minimized. You may also like to read about Surgical Tech Salary information.

Imaging tests

One cannot tell the inside story with the naked eye it’s the few imaging tests that unveil the inside trauma. Although doctors try to diagnose physically at first but suggest imaging tests later to reach the root cause.

The first and foremost modern test method is X-ray which gives a clear image of bones so the doctor could know any damage to bones. But the thing doesn’t end here an injury could also be crucial to muscles, ligaments and other tissues.

Such minor details also need to be revealed for complete treatment. CT-scan, MRI is another advanced scanning procedure that undergoes detailed study of the musculoskeletal system. All these imaging reports help the surgeon to announce the final verdict. They build treatment strategies accordingly to help patients.


The world is moving fast and there’s no time to waste. Joint issues can hinder activities much which could spoil your worldly growth. To deal with such circumstances an on-time treatment that ensures quick recovery is of much importance.

In the field of orthopedics, technology is evolving quickly providing the fastest solution to surgery with the use of modern machinery that helps to look upon small details inside with much precision. Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan watched a new turn as orthopedic surgeons here began to incorporate the latest technological methods. However, all is for the betterment of patients by which they can return to normal activities soon with a new painless joint.

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