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Get The Dish On Making Meals For Kids Of All Ages!

Casserole Pan

If you have kids, you know they can pose an interesting challenge in the kitchen. Maybe even more than one! You might have a little one who is always underfoot. You very likely know how difficult it can be to get kids to eat their dinner. When you want to simplify dinnertime and satisfy picky kids, there’s a kind of cookware that can help. Casserole pans can be your ticket to simplified meals. A casserole pan allows you to prepare a variety of great-tasting, easy meals for both kids and adults. With a quality casserole pan at your side, dinnertime planning for the whole family can be much easier.

Making Meals for Kids

Kids are picky eaters. Who hasn’t given in and made the kids chicken nuggets or a grilled cheese while the rest of the family eats what’s actually for dinner? The trick to making meals for kids is to get them interested in their food and give them some routine. That could mean they help you in the kitchen daily, get involved in growing herbs or vegetables, or they learn about food while you’re shopping. Getting involved in the ingredients and the process can help them feel more excited about food, rather than not knowing what’s being put on their plate from day to day.

A Casserole Pan Is a Great for Picky Eaters

Older or younger, the kids who are picky eaters might still enjoy meals prepared in a casserole pan. Casserole pans can help you make timeless classics that many kids enjoy, including noodle and rice dishes. They’re great for one-pot meals as well as basics that you can make a batch of and store in the fridge. You can prepare a big batch of food that makes up the base of many of your meals. Then, you can easily make dishes for the whole family using the base of pasta or rice. Don’t forget to regularly try serving grains such as quinoa, farro, and couscous. You can also cook these in casserole pans. They’re simple, starchy foods that pair well with many sauces, veggies, meats, and other toppings.

You May Only Need One Piece of Cookware

With all the toppings for pasta, rice, and other grain dishes, you may think you’ll need a lot of cookware. That’s just not the case! You can cook everything you need in a single casserole pan. Sometimes, you can even cook them at the same time. From vegetables to proteins and sauces, a single casserole pan is all you need. Depending on the recipe, you will have some foods to set to the side before adding them back to the pan. However, there are a ton of one-pot recipes for minimal clean-up.

Stick to Simple Flavors—Keep Salt and Pepper on Deck

It’s a good idea to take it easy on the spices and strong flavors for kids, but somewhat plain dishes don’t have to skimp on flavor. They can be flavorful, delicious dishes for adults and children. If you’re wondering what the secret is, the answer is simple—salt and pepper. Add salt and pepper to your dishes and keep salt and pepper shakers available at the table for anyone who likes extra seasonings. Keeping salt and pepper shakers on the table will be great for parents who want more flavor. Plus, kids can also discover how they work. Just keep an eye on them when they have the shakers. You don’t want them to make their dishes so salty or peppery that they become inedible!

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You Can Still Sneak in Some Vegetables

Even with great flavors and seasonings, there’s a chance that your kids may not be particularly drawn to vegetables. That’s okay! If you found it difficult to introduce them to vegetables when they were toddlers, it’s not too late. Try incorporating vegetables alongside other tasty foods they love. You can sneak something like cauliflower into yummy meals like macaroni and cheese. This technique is a great way to introduce the texture to younger kids and offer more nutrients. Alternatively, a more direct approach is to serve vegetables like broccoli on the side of meals. Let your kids see you enjoying that food without forcing it on them. It might help them get interested in what it is you’re enjoying so much!

Looking for Ideas? Try Some Kid-Friendly Recipes for a Casserole Pan

Now that you know what a casserole pan can do, you’re probably ready to find a quality pan for cooking. Then, you can try out all the fun recipes and start to find what your kids love most. There are wholesome options for the entire family with protein, vegetables, and tasty bases kids love.

• Chicken and dumplings is hearty and delicious, and bound to go down well with the whole family. It’s easy to get lots of veggies into the base sauce.

• Spaghetti and meat sauce is popular because it’s versatile and fun. Plus, you can ditch the meat and make this dish vegetarian. It’s really easy to make a one-pot version of this meal in a casserole pan.

• Cauliflower macaroni and cheese is a great way to sneak veggies into kids’ diets. Kids love macaroni and cheese. Cauliflower is delicious with the cheese sauce, too.

Cookware like your casserole pan helps you make simple, one-pot dishes on the stove and in the oven. They’re perfect for weeknights with the family or weekend slumber parties with your kids’ friends. With a casserole pan, you can introduce new, kid-friendly foods as well as make old favorites easier.. After all, your child is being fed delicious, homemade food you prepared with them in mind. It might even motivate them to get involved in the cooking process! While kids might be a challenge, helping them develop an interest in various foods can be incredibly rewarding.

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