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Get to know About the Famous Engagement Ring Styles

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It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing famous engagement ring trends. Individuals are trying to find a great ring that’s on-trend and syncs with their style preferences.

When you talk about trends, it is all about the rings that have been popular among couples in recent times. Research and data reveal a comprehensive range of engagement ring styles. From the ring shape to the metal, every attribute of the engagement rings is given high importance.

The top engagement ring style you should now

Couples have chosen fancy-cut diamond center stones, shiny bands, and unique settings in the past few years. Though the ring designs change regularly, people always prefer popular shapes.

Round cut solitaire diamonds have been a favorite choice. Though it is not a new trend, people continue to choose the same, and it remains the top choice of all engagement ring shapes. A timeless choice remains the couple’s favorite lately, and no other style can surpass the elegance of a classic shape.

It’s not just the round engagement rings; a new cut is doing the rounds on the social media platforms. You might have noticed the frequent glimpses of oval-cut engagement ring styles on your Instagram newsfeed, and the popularity of this ring shape has been heaving over all these years.

There is one main reason behind the rise of oval shape. Many celebrities have consistently flaunted their love for oval-cut engagement ring styles. From Ariana Grande to Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Bieber, many style icons have increased the popularity of oval-shaped gemstones.

Though celebrities have elevated the status quo of oval-cut engagement ring styles, there are numerous reasons to choose the same. Ovals are an excellent choice for engagement as they elongate the finger and look larger than their carat size.

The round shape is always at the top of the engagement rings style, but data emphasizes its usage decline. After round shapes, ovals and square-cut diamonds were the popular choices. Cushions and teardrops took the following places. Lately, fancy-cut diamonds, including ovals, emeralds, and teardrops, are alluring attention.

Favorite engagement ring metal

The center stone shape of the ring is commonly noticed when people see it for the first time. However, the ring metal highly influences the visual appearance of the ring. Though there are several choices, white gold has been the consistent choice.

This engagement ring metal has been popular, but you can also see a steady decline. It is because of the surge of gold settings. Yellow gold ring metal usage has been increasing lately. Apart from yellow gold, the popularity of rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver has also increased.

Most preferred center stone material

Diamond is the all-time favorite center stone, and the famous slogan “diamonds are forever” has never faded, just like the subtle sheen of this sparkling gemstone. There has been consistent competition between clear diamond center stone and diamond solitaire.

Diamonds are not just the only choice for couples as people are also checking out other available options—excellent, cost-effective diamond alternatives like moissanite, sapphire, morganite, opals, and emeralds.

Wrapping up

Whether you choose a classic diamond ring or a contemporary alternative available at a cost-effective rate, find the right store to purchase the best rings.

You can always experiment with the styles, and the above trends can guide you in picking the right engagement ring. Most people are trying to find unique rings that elucidate their personality. Start evaluating the style preferences to purchase the best engagement ring.

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