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Guide to setup Netgear EAX20 Extender Using Manual Method

How to Setup a Netgear Extender Using the Manual Method – Step by Step Instructions

  1. Make sure that your Netgear EAX20 Wifi range extender and router are in the same room and that they are away from metallic particles, electrical gadgets, and reflecting surfaces such as mirrors, microwaves, Bluetooth, fish tanks, and so on.
  2. Be sure to turn on the repeater by plugging it into an electrical outlet and that the LED lights on the extender are on before proceeding.
  3. Connect the repeater to the Wifi network using the provided cable.
  4. Turn on the device that you want to use to access the WiFi network via Extender (if applicable).
  5. opens the login page in any internet browser of your choice.
  6. As soon as you enter your Login Information, you will be able to view the New Extender Setup Page.
  7. Registration is accomplished by creating the account and establishing a new password.
  8. Choose the WiFi network that you want to increase and type in the password for the wireless connection that you want to enhance.
  9. Lastly, press the “Finish” button to complete the process.

In this manner, you can connect your selected devices to your WiFi network from anywhere in your apartment or office.

Netgear Extender Setup Using WPS

With the WPS feature on the EAX20, you can quickly and effortlessly connect to other devices that have the same functionality.

Installing the EAX20 using WPS is as follows:

  1. Make sure that Netgear AX1800 Setup and the Wi-Fi network are in the same room where the internet connection is available, and that the router is WPS capable.
  2. The ON/OFF switch on the side of your extender must be turned on before it can be connected to an electric outlet, and after the Charge LED is illuminated, I recommend waiting for it to remain stable.
  3. Now, turn on the WPS by pushing and holding the WPS button it until WPS LED begins to flicker continuously.
  4. Hit the WPS button on both the main router and the secondary router immediately.
  5. The WPS LED on the Booster will turn white if the link condition is good, which indicates that the repeater and router are well connected.
  6. You can now relocate your extender to a more convenient place, ensuring that it is between the network and your devices.
  7. Bring your devices to the region where there is a weak WiFi signal and link them to the expanded network.

Netgear EAX20 Extender Setup Using Netgear Genie

Additionally, Netgear offers a genie application, which enables you to use your range repeaters with a simple application that you can launch with a simple click; all you need to follow are the instructions below.

  1. Install the Netgear genie app on your laptop.
  2. Log into the application using your credentials.
  3. Select the suitable Wifi Range Extender Connection to which you wish to connect.
  4. Select the band that you wish to expand.
  5. When you’re finished, click Finish.
  6. Congratulation, you have successfully installed your device by following all of the directions that show in the front of you.

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