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Hair Stylist For Wedding!

A Hairstyle Adapted To Your Physique!

Beyond the pleasure of meeting loved ones and celebrating their love, accepting a wedding invitation begins a sometimes complex quest for the ideal look for this kind of celebration! From evening dress to make-up, taking care of your aesthetics for the occasion is your priority. In the end, a mission similar to that of the lucky girl, minus the bouquet. We will focus here on the wedding hairstyle for guests so that you have before your eyes models that inspire you and very good advice to follow.

A hairstyle adapted to your physique

First of all, you must look for hairstyle ideas to find the one that matches the nature of your hair but also the features of your face:

  • If your face is round, bet on volume.
  • If your face is long, consider letting a few strands hang loose.
  • If it’s square, let your hair down.
  • Long hair can play with its size thanks to beautiful high or low buns, locks held back, or curling lengths.
  • Short hair, even very short,  should not be afraid to accessorize with pretty headbands and other hair jewelry.

The style of the wedding

Another point that should concern you is that of the wedding theme. You must, as far as possible, respect the style chosen by the bride and groom if it is announced in the announcement. If your friends have decided to meet in a country setting and in casual outfits, avoid overly sophisticated hairstyles!

Conversely, if you are invited to a glamorous wedding, work on your hair stylist for a wedding a little more than usual. If you don’t know how to do your hair well, bet on a headband, a turban, or… go to a professional hairdresser!

Bun for wedding guest hairstyle

Regarding trends in guest hairstyles, they are just as diverse as they are delightful. In particular, we have been able to observe a great craze for low wedding buns. If in previous years, the hair was worn in a ball at the top of the skull (the famous bun), today it is necessary to go back down a notch! The hair is rolled up and nicely tied at the nape of the neck, a slightly retro and quite elegant hairstyle.

The more adventurous among you will be able to embark on the realization of a rock banana bun, but make sure that this style corresponds to the atmosphere of the wedding you will attend!

Guests’ hairstyles 2021

Hairstyles for guests with long hair are often worn naturally or, on the contrary, with a slicked back effect, but also with the entire hair brought back to a profile of the face for an original hairstyle on the side. We can then choose to curl them slightly to reinforce the romantic side of the hairstyle: we no longer present the wavy trend to you!

The legendary wedding guest hairstyle with braid is brought up to date, and this is also for the guests. You can choose a bun that the braid will surround, braid your hair back hair stylist for wedding for a wedding without tightening too much if you have a good length, or even treat yourself to a crown of braids for a retro or country wedding.

African braids are experiencing their hour of glory with increasingly innovative guest hairstyles: gathered in a high ponytail, accessorized with flowers or colored ribbons, you will find examples in our image gallery, while, like other afro hairstyles. 

Head accessories

Hair accessories for weddings have not said their last word. Hand-tied headbands are a must on all heads and for all hair lengths. It is ideal if you are attending a hippie chic or vintage wedding.

There are also floral headbands on half-loose, half-tied hair, for a more poetic style, and blue flowers.

When it comes to easy wedding hairstyles for guests, you have understood that there are few limits to your imagination! Only one thing, perhaps: do not overdo it so as not to steal the show from the bride! Once you have your beautiful cocktail dress, read these tips again and revisit the image gallery to decide on the wedding hairstyle that will sublimate you without overshadowing your friend’s dress.

But be careful, remember to match these accessories according to the dress and your jewelry. For example, if you have pearls on your outfit, do not put accessories with rhinestones on your hair. It is sometimes possible to make a subtle reminder of an element of the dress using a hair accessory.

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