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History of Cane Corso By Breeders

The Cane Corso’s origins go back to Italy and, before it, the pre-historic state of Epirus located in present-day Greece, Albania, and Montenegro The Cane Corso is thought as the closest living relative to the early Mesopotamical Molossians or Roman canis Pugnaces which was and the Roman War dog in the first century. It was originally utilized for ancient”auxiliary warriors” during combat. Cane Corsos eventually became hunter dogs and catch dogs along with cattle, as well as guard dogs. Modernization of agriculture with the loss of wild game diminished the traditional duties of Cane Corsi (the plural of Cane Corso, also written as “Cani Corsi”). And the breed was slashed drastically.

Rural farmers who were too poor to have the money to buy modern machinery held. On to their Cane Corsos (and most simply didn’t want to let go of loved Cane Corsos).  But getting a Cane Corso became a challenge for anyone, not even the southern reaches of Italy. The problem was it was that the major aspects of the Allied Advances. WWII saw intense fighting in the areas where these dogs were kept. Many were killed, and many of them as they protected their families and homes.

Cane Corso in 70s

In the 70s early on the majority of people recalled the dogs. They had grown up with and were determined to not allow them to go extinct. Giovanni Bonnetti was one such man. He realized that without the support of Cane Corso breeders and breeders, his beloved Cane Corso would vanish. When he was in 1973 Bonnetti discovered his friend Dr. Paolo Breber an eminent and influential dog lover and advised him of the fact that his Cane Corso. Could still be located in regions in Southern Italy. In 1973, Dr. Breber became keenly interested in the breed, and through his research about the breed and its history. He introduced his knowledge of the Cane Corso to the attention of the general public around the year 1976.

Breber’s piece on Cane Corso was featured in several Italian Kennel Club magazines which continued with an operation to rescue the dog by breeders. The year 1983 was when they established the S.A.C.C. (Societa Amatori Corso) to help save the breed from becoming a shambles.

Peek of Cane Corso Breed

It continued to protect and promote the breed, while also seeking official recognition from the major Kennel clubs. In 1994 Cane Corso was officially recognized 1994. Cane Corso was officially accepted in the Italian Kennel Club. And full acceptance by the Federation Internationale Cynologique came in 1996. It was the first Cane Corso was imported to the United States in 1988, and in 2008 in 2008, the United Kennel Club granted full recognition.

The breeds of the past are often identified throughout history with a variety of names. For example, the Cane Corso was at various times referred to as the Cane Cortez. As well as it was also known as the Cane di Macellaio and the Cane Pugliese. As well as the Dogo of Puglia and the Sicilian Branchiero and the Italian Mastiff along with it was also known as the Pugliese Mastiff.

While the story is fascinating and essential to factor into the consideration of the nature of the Cane Corso, it is today’s breeding methods that will have the greatest impact on the current Cane Corso temperament.

How Cane Corso’s Name is Derived?

For its current title, there are many different schools of opinion about its roots. Some believe that the name comes from the term that was used to refer to catch dogs that were used on boar hunting, and also the old and brutal game of bear fighting, Cane Da Corso. Many believe that the name is derived from “Cane” (or the word dog) coupled with “Corso” (or the main courtyard) and refers to the larger house in the village, which was the home of the most suitable family to breed dogs.

Certain cynologists claim that Cane Corso in its translation from Latin refers to “the dog who guards estates that are enclosed,” while another source states the phrase “Cane Corso” translates in Italian to “run the dog.” Whatever the name the current Cane Corso is an extremely strong athletic, muscular, and muscular breed. They are extremely loyal and are completely committed to their families and will put their lives in the hands of their loved ones without hesitation.

In a final point, that’s one reason why it is crucial to choose a reputable breeder when getting an upcoming Cane Corso puppy. A reputable breeder can guide you to the breeder that is the best fit for your needs.

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