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Home Extension – Types Of Possible Interventions

The extension works of the house are aimed at modifying the domestic spaces for the expansion of one’s home. Many customers choose to invest in these expansion works. To create new spaces in which to spend time with family and friends. But also to give a touch of novelty to the home. Making the most of the square footage already available and reorganizing efficiently the House. You can get in touch with Best House Extension Builder in Leicester.

With the expansion works of the house. It will also be possible to increase the value of the property. Making it more attractive in case of rent or sale. By taking advantage of the tax bonuses for renovations. The expansion investment will be even more profitable.

When it comes to home expansion. A distinction must be made between the different types of interventions that can be requested from professionals in the sector.

Extension of the house

The extension of the house is the most requested type of house extension intervention. The optimal extension works are those that take place horizontally. Provided of course that you have the necessary space to make this extension.

The horizontal extension is advantageous because it leads to an increase in the square footage (and airspace) of the house without requiring interventions on the roof and on the systems of the house. In this way, there will be an increase in the value of the property. Resulting from the increase in square footage. While keeping the costs of the expansion works low, without having to intervene on systems and roof.

Recovery of the attic

Another much-requested extension work is the recovery of the attic. In this case, it is decided to invest in a vertical extension. Chose to recover the space of the attic to increase the useful space of the house.

To understand if the attic can be transformed into a living space. You must, first of all, find out about the minimum height provided by the Municipality in which the property is located.

In the event that the height of the attic complies with the requirements. It will be sufficient to restore this space to recover the attic and expand the living space of the building. Otherwise, the attic will not become habitable if its height is not increased with a superelevation intervention.


To expand the house vertically. You can invest in a superelevation intervention, which has as its ultimate goal the creation of one or more floors.

You can invest in the raising both. If the attic does not have the minimum height required by the Municipality to be habitable. Otherwise, you could proceed with the recovery of the attic – and if the house does not have an attic

For the intervention of superelevation, it is necessary to request authorization from the Municipality. That could also authorize the construction of more than one floor. Allowing further expand the airspace of the house.

Basement recovery

Another way to increase the size of the space used for the home can be invested in the recovery of the basement.

For the renovation of the basement and its transformation for residential purposes. It is necessary to refer to the legislation established by the Municipality in which the property is located.

For the recovery of a basement. It is first of all necessary to verify that there is the minimum height required for the construction of a room for residential use. It is then necessary to inquire about the work to be carried out necessarily so that the new recovered room can be used for residential purposes.

Creation of veranda and balconies

To expand the home, you can also decide to build a veranda or to increase the size with the construction of a balcony. Leading to an increase in volume. Both the verandas and the balcony must be understood as new constructions and must therefore comply with the current legislation for new constructions.
The extension of the house with a veranda is a very requested solution by Italian customers. The veranda can in fact be connected to the living area of ​​the house. Connecting it with a sliding window so that it is also possible to isolate the living area when the veranda will not be used.

Bioclimatic greenhouse construction

With a bioclimatic greenhouse, we refer to the metal structure aimed at hosting what in the past was called the winter garden. In practice, a new structure is built in aluminum and steel, which however rests on the main house.

With the bioclimatic greenhouse, you can expand your home, increasing its square footage and creating a new environment to be used all year round. With this solution you will not have to leave the house to enjoy the sunlight: the metal structure has a tempered glass coating, which allows the sun’s rays to filter.

The bioclimatic greenhouse is also advantageous from an energy point of view because inside it creates a favorable microclimate for the use of the new environment. The energy expenditure for maintaining the optimum temperature will therefore be reduced.

Construction of wooden houses in the garden

Those who want to get a house extension can also decide to invest in the construction of wooden houses to be placed in the garden. This solution allows you to take full advantage of the garden and to obtain an increase in the square footage to be used for residential use in the event that the main building does not have the requirements to be expanded directly.

On the market, there are various models of wooden houses for the garden, which differ in size, the quality of the wood used for their construction, and the final cost to be incurred. Wood is an eco-sustainable material and also helps to keep energy costs low for using the new environment.


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