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Honeymoon In Manali: Amazing Places In Manali

For Married Couple

Manali is a famous hill station situated on the Beas River and nearby the northern end of the Kullu valley. It fascinates a large number of tourists throughout the year with its favorable climatic conditions. Manali is also becoming a haven for honeymooners who are looking for calm and secluded places to visit in Manali for the couple’s environment to enjoy their honeymoon trip to the fullest. A married couple can plan for a honeymoon in Manali.

List Of The Top 10 Honeymoon Places To See And Enjoy In Manali

There are many popular places to honeymoon in India with untouched natural beauty. Everything, from breath-taking natural attractiveness to snow, will be a seamless match for your honeymoon days in Manali. Today we are going to explain the ten finest and most fascinating destinations that newlywed couples can visit and discover on their trip.

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1. Hidimba Devi Temple

Begin your honeymoon journey by taking the blessings of the exclusive goddess Hidimba Devi. She was the wife of Bhim, as described in Mahabharata. Hidimba Devi is the native deity of Manali. The people of Manali are immensely devoted to the goddess. The temple is situated in Old Manali. It is bounded by long trees scattered in the distance, and a natural setting of scenic beauty.

The wooden temple preserves handmade wood carving designs and a simple, soft environment spread all around. The corridor heading towards the temple gives you the aesthetic vibe of moving through paradise.

2. Jogini Waterfalls

It is a gorgeous waterfall, six to seven kilometers away from the Manali bus stand. You can go by hired or rental car or bus. The water stream came over the sophisticated rock steps numerous times here and there. This place is an impeccable example of divinity. A newly married couple can have a relaxing bath under the bright sky.

3. The Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is situated thirteen hundred feet above sea level, settled between glacier and valley slopes. It is a mountain pass that gives you entry to three major valleys: Lahaul, Kullu, and Spiti. Couples who desire to have a snowfall experience can visit throughout winter till spring. But when there is substantial snowfall, Rohtang Pass rests closed.

4. Mall Street

Manali is the main city and Mall Road is the main street of Manali. No big vehicles, excluding in a crisis, are accepted here. The roadway is mostly considered a traveler’s strolling platform. It is worth walking over the mall road enclosed by shops selling local handcrafted materials and a varied variety of winter shawls, caps, clothes, etc.

Plenty of restaurants, Dhaba, and hotels empower you to taste a huge range of Tibetan, Kashmiri, and Punjabi cuisine. All the main administrative buildings are positioned in this area. Couples can spend a half-day here indulging in shopping, of Manali honeymoon clothes to wear in Manali enjoying the view with a lazy walk.

5. Solang Valley

Couples who desire to enjoy time together by playing in the snow and having different categories of mountain activities in the Solang Valley. It is just thirteen kilometers away from Manali. It is a snow-covered, splendid valley in heavy winter and opens throughout the year.
In summer, it looks like a green mossy bed of little plants and flowers with untidy green hillocks here and there. Snow skiing, paragliding, trekking, and consecutively in the valleys are all preferences for adventurous couples.

6. 1947 Cafe

To alter your taste a little, you can have an evening visit to an attractively decorated cafe in Manali. Café 1947 delivers a complete ambiance of class and romance for a date evening before finishing your trip. You can also sightsee the place on a lunch date.

The open-air rooftop platform, attended by a flowing brook underneath, conveys a beautiful feeling of panoramic beauty. The cafe is bounded by little green cliffs and mountain trees. It is a must-visit place for newly wedded couples in Manali.

7. Van Vihar

It is a less crowded tourist destination in Manali, but it is a perfect place to spend some loving time and it is perfect for photography. So, couples can simply access the place without wasting a lot of time traveling. It has a national sanctuary for numerous birds and animals.

8. Kullu Valley 

It takes a small distance to go to Kullu Valley from Manali. The distance is nearly forty km. Couples are optional to cover this valley at the beginning of their trip. It is a massive valley owned by apple orchards and deodar tree forests. It delivers a passing resemblance to some Himalayan peaks.
A green, spread-out valley approaching the roofs of houses, hotels, and small brooks is a delight for your technology-clogged eyes.

9. Old Manali

At the end of the trip, pairs can avoid the hassle of traveling to a distant spot and just roam around the streets and lanes of old Manali. It will give them a touch of a mountain village scenario with numerous little temples and monasteries. The streets of Old Manali are occupied by shops, hotels, and restaurants serving mountain food. They are allowed to taste some traditional homemade wine varieties prepared in the villages of Manali.

10. Hot Springs At Vashisht Temple

It’s a beautiful place to pray for your unity. The place is surrounded by a hot spring, which is the key attraction of the temple. Enclosed by the eye-soothing scenic splendor of nature and green mountain cliffs.
The place is also value a visit on your Manali trip. You are permitted to take a hot bath in between the altering weather. It takes only forty minutes to an hour to reach the temple from Manali.

Some Significant Features That Make Manali A Better Honeymoon Destination Is Listed Below:

  • Assortment Of Accommodation:

Manali has an extensive range of accommodation to suit the budget and needs of honeymooners. Extending from inns, and motels to resorts and luxury hotels, honeymooners can select the best accommodation according to their requirements. All the hotels and resorts are well-furnished with modern facilities to offer relaxed accommodation.

During top seasons, it is good to book the hotels in advance to avoid unwanted frustration. Housing in Manali ranges from cheap inns to luxurious hotels, so proper planning is vital to picking the right accommodation in time.

  • Lots Of Outdoor Activities To Indulge In:

Honeymoon couples can find various fun-filled and interesting outdoor activities to add spice to their honeymoon trips. Some popular outdoor ventures are paragliding, trekking, rock climbing, skiing, river rafting, river crossing, paddle boating, zorbing, and fishing.

  • Favorable Climatic Conditions:

Manali has had favorable climatic conditions through the years. Throughout the winter seasons, the mountains around Manali are enclosed with snow making them a perfect playground for skiing and other winter activities, while through summer Manali is covered with lush green environments making it appropriate for trekking and other outdoor activities.


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