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How can a virtual staffing agency help you?

Nowadays, when everything is going virtual, staffing services have also followed the trend. Now you can hire a virtual staffing agency to assist you in hiring and taking care of the virtual employees. 

Virtual staffing agencies not only help companies find a perfect fit for the job but also help candidates find a perfect role. Every time a company is looking to hire people for either a short-term project or a full-time onsite position, a virtual staffing agency can come in very handy. 

We have barely scratched the surface of the benefits of virtual staffing services. Let’s look a little deeper and see how hiring a virtual staffing agency can be a turning point for your new startup. 


Virtual Staffing services can prove to be cost-effective in various ways. First of all, when you hire virtual staff, you don’t have to worry about space or utility. Just here, you would be saving a lot. 

Switching to virtual staffing would also save you from the maintenance and furnishing expenses. If even half of the staff is virtual, you would be cutting a lot of expenses. You would notice a huge fall in your expenses at the end of just one month. 

Permanent staff comes with its own expenses, ranging from retirement plans, vacation days, health care, sick days, and employer taxes. On the other hand, with virtual staff, you’re not obligated to any of that. You just have to pay what they have worked for. 

No overtime surcharge is just another cost reduction point in favor of virtual staffing. With virtual staff, you only pay for the task/project or the decided amount of time. 

Additional Productivity 

According to various studies carried out whilst the global pandemic, a virtual worker is 13% more productive as compared to a permanent employee. There are multiple reasons behind these results. Virtual staff doesn’t have to commute to an office. Virtual staffing saves the time of the employee, making him more productive. 

A virtual worker also gets more family time, which reduces his stress levels, and gives him more time and energy to focus on his work. Also, if a worker is working from home, he is already informed about all the things happening at home, making him feel more relaxed and focused.

Reduced Hiring Risks

When a company hires, it has to go through a whole hiring process, even if they are hiring for only one vacant position. They spend weeks of time finding the right candidate; during this time, the resources are also utilized. Even when the employee is hired, the expenses don’t stop there. After hiring, you go through the training process, which also requires time and resources. 

On the contrary, opting for virtual workers save you a lot of time and effort. If the contract of a virtual worker is over, you don’t have to worry about his unemployment insurance, severance pay, or finding a replacement for that role. You “shake the guy’s hand” and say goodbye. 

Payroll Management

Most businesses go for virtual staff because it also saves time and resources for managing payrolls. If you have hired an agency, they’ll take care of the onboarding process and payroll management. Onboarding saves a company or a startup a lot of time. Furthermore, a virtual staffing agency also ensures that the employee receives timely and accurate payments.

However, guidelines and rules may vary depending upon the state and location of your employee. 

Occasional Assistance

Sometimes, when a business lands a huge client or their sales spike due to seasonal reasons, they often need assistance with their office work. However, in times like these, they don’t have enough time to go through the hiring process again from scratch. Plus, companies don’t hire permanent employees for a project or seasonal work. In times like these, a virtual staffing agency is a lifesaver. It can provide you employees to divide a certain amount of workload from you with no contracts bounding you to anything. 

Hiring the best virtual staffing agency can be very beneficial for you and your business. You can hire new employees without any hectic process. These massive benefits of virtual staff have made it a global phenomenon, and that is the reason why you can see almost every business with virtual employees. 

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