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How do I setup my Belkin Wifi Range Extender

The Belkin wifi range extender is a device useful to extend the network of the main wireless router in the home and it is usually used at places where the wifi coverage is less hence it fixes the issues of the dead zones by multiplying the wireless connection to a number of times. The Belkin range extender setup can be done using cables and wires. They act as repeaters for the router. You should have a Belkin wifi range extender, an existing wifi network, SSID, wireless password, and a smartphone or computer. The steps mentioned below will help to set up the Belkin range extender easily.

Requirements for Belkin Range extender setup

  •   Stable internet connection
  •   Default Login credentials
  •   Router network credentials
  •   Mobile device/Computer or laptop
  •   Ethernet cable

Belkin Range extender setup in wireless mode

  •   Unbox your Belkin Range extender and then Plugin the range extender into the power outlet that is within the range of your router’s wireless network.
  •   Using your phone and computer connect to the Belkin. setup network.
  •   Once the device is connected to the network proceed further to the next step.
  •   Launch the browser and enter https://www.belkin.range in the address bar and hit Go.
  •   Click on the Get Started option once you get on the next page.
  •   The Belkin extender will search for all the active wifi networks around it. Once it shows you the list of all the networks, you need to select your home network from the list.
  •   Tap on the Next button, once you select the wireless network for an extension.
  •   Click on the refresh option if the network is not appearing.
  •   Click on the name of the router network to connect to it.
  •   Enter the wireless network password and click on the Next button.
  •   After the extended wifi network is reviewed, tap on edit if you want to change anything or tap on the Create extended Network button to proceed with the setup.
  •   After the password authentication, configure the details for the second network band as well. (If you are using a dual-band router).
  •   The extender is now configured. You can also see the settings visible on the screen and if you wish to print the information, you can do that too.
  •   Hence, the process of Belkin wifi extender setup is finished by doing so and you will receive a notification about the connection.

Belkin Range extender setup Using Wired mode

  •   Make sure that the Belkin range extender is connected to a power outlet and has a good internet connection.
  •   Connect the LAN port of your Belkin Range extender with an ethernet cable to the laptop or computer.
  •   Open the web browser now and use Belkin. range web address which will redirect to the setup page.
  •   Now enter the Login details and enter the password.
  •   Click on the Get Started button once the front page of the setup is opened.
  •   The router’s SSID will be scanned.
  •   Select the network for the main WIFI router you wish to extend or click on the refresh button if you cannot locate one and then click on the next.
  •   Enter the wifi password and click on the next.
  •   Once you are successfully connected to the network you will be redirected to the page where you can edit the setting as per your choice.
  •   Now if you are sure about the settings and you can click on create an extended network.

Now that the device has been successfully set up, you can unplug it from the power socket and plug it anywhere. We recommend you not place the device too far from the router.

Troubleshooting problems with the Belkin Range extender

If you come across some problems related to the Belkin range extender follow these troubleshooting tips:

  •   If your range extender is unable to communicate with the router, make sure that it is in power-on mode.
  •   If the issue persists, reset the range extender using the reset button. Hold it for 10 seconds and release it when the LEDs on the front panel flash altogether. Allow the extender to restart, and reconfigure it once it is back up and running.


The Belkin WIFI range extender can be set up by following the above-mentioned steps easily. Apart from that if you want any further help with the Belkin wifi extender setup you can contact our support team. They will provide you with the best possible assistance and complete details related to the setup, login process, and other troubleshooting problems. You can also visit our website regarding the same and can refer to the user manual guide and installation guides present there.

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