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How Dynamics CRM Helps Avoid ERP Mistakes

With ERP and CRM being the heart of business operations and customer management, the consequences of failed solutions can be severe, resulting in lawsuits and financial meltdown.But thanks to Dynamics CRM and the integrated Dynamics 365 portal, you don’t have to compromise with an outdated system.

Though the businesses are working on implementing best practices and enhancing customer experience, the results show that 55-75 percent of the ERP projects fail to meet their objectives. Hence, to avoid the reputational damage of ERP failures, businesses have redefined success as anything that works and meets the ends.

The ease of use, integrations and flexible features will ensure that you can manage everything from a single place while focusing on customer service.

Below are a few ways in which Dynamics CRM can help you:

Selling is not the end. As a business owner, you must focus on more than just resource allocation and management. You need to plan upsell and cross-sell strategies; focus on customer experience, and provide post-sales support.

Dynamics CRM offers various features to streamline operations and build long-term relationships. Dashboard and real-time analytics help analyze customer behavior, their shopping patterns and evaluate the loopholes and challenges they face.

The integration of the Dynamics 365 portal further simplifies the customer journey with a self-service approach. It allows everyone, including customers and staff, to manage and track their activities themselves. They have access to all the information in real-time, which helps them be more productive and efficient. The best part is that they can access the portal from any device and at any time.

  • Working Collaboratively

ERP systems provide a centralized database that allows all the users to access information in one place. However, you need to encourage a collaborative environment so that everyone can not only access but also work together. Dynamics 365 customer engagement offers various collaboration tools to ease the process. It also allows everyone to interact with each other. For example, Office-group integration allows access to OneNote, document management, meetings, etc. Users can join meetings, add notes, share documents, start conversations, and keep the communication intact.

Dynamics 365 portal even allows users to work on the document simultaneously as per the requirements, just like a Google doc. Besides, everyone can trace the changes. It helps maintain transparency.

  • Training Employees

Thinking that everyone knows it all – is one of the mistakes that business owners make while implementing ERP. They think everyone knows how to use an ERP solution or doesn’t need much time to get accustomed to the new system. Well, that’s not always the case. A non-tech staff may not know how to make the most of ERP systems. Instead of simplifying the tasks, it makes the process inefficient, costing more time and effort. You need to provide them with live demonstrations and tutorials that can guide them whenever they are stuck.

Dynamics 365 portal offers a knowledge base that consists of articles, documents, tutorials, videos, and FAQs, and more. Along with self-service, it ensures that your staff and customers are never stuck anywhere. They can access the how-to guides and solve their problems without any help. It encourages independent working and accountability.

  • Flexibility to Expand

Your ERP system may not be flexible enough to expand and adapt to the latest ongoing trends. Also, you might not be able to support and maintain the solution, resulting in obsolete software.

With Dynamics CRM, you don’t have to worry about updates and new features. The Microsoft development team ensures that all the products are up-to-date. Besides, it offers a wide range of tools and its own app store to help you manage all operations. You can find all types of apps on MS AppStore and integrate them with your CRM to make everyone’s life easy.

Dynamics 365 portal also offers third-party integrations. For example, you can offer multiple payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal, MasterCard, and wallets. In the process of managing customers and business workflow, it ensures that you’re never left behind.

  • Easy Access

Dynamics CRM is based in the cloud, which is why you should use it for ERP management. It allows your employees to access data from any time and anywhere. In addition, it offers compatibility with other Microsoft tools. Features like auto data sync ensure that any changes made in the remote location or on a mobile app are automatically updated in the system. It eliminates the need to update data manually.

Dynamics 365 portal further offers role-based access to ensure that only the authorized users can access the data. With Dynamics, you get an added advantage of flexibility and security.

  • Huge Community Support

Dynamics CRM is a Microsoft product that has huge visibility. So, if there’s a technical issue or you can’t understand a module or a feature, you can go through the online documentation and discuss it with the community. You can easily find help and even get to learn more by engaging with peers.

  • Intelligence and Insights

Through predictive analytics and intelligence, Dynamics CRM ensures that your employees get all right and accurate information in one place. In addition, smart dashboards and advanced reporting provides real-time information that helps you make strategic decisions. Choosing Dynamics gives you access to insights and ensures your business growth. Effective workflow, multiple integrations, and modern functionalities together provide you with tools that help you enhance your business productivity and get better returns overall.

Final Words

The pandemic has created a lot of supply chain disruptions for businesses worldwide. From lack of resources to outdated solutions have made Microsoft utilize its capabilities to modernize the supply chain and entire business processes.

Dynamics 365 customer portal provides advanced technology, tools, and features to combat supply chain disruptions. The automation and functionalities like self-service, knowledge management, community support help them with customer retention and brand loyalty while ensuring that there are no manual errors in the midway.

If you’re wondering what more you can do with Dynamics, integrate Dynamics 365 Portal. You can witness the magic thereon.

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Maulik Shah

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