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How Frequently You Should Keep Your Rug Clean?

The carpet is one of the most important elements of decorating a house and is one of the first items to buy after building a house. Cleaning is an essential part of the decor, in order to preserve their natural beauty and to remove visible dirt, as well as dry dirt and other abrasive particles. 

Only proper maintenance will prevent you from prematurely replacing your carpets. More frequent carpet cleaning may be necessary for businesses that, for example, are very busy in the winter and where salt and calcium accumulate in large quantities. Doing business with our experts will allow you to benefit from incomparable peace of mind for your business. Our higher horsepower trucks are available to your business quickly and will clean carpets and do a rug clean in Rockville efficiently.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet treatment

Do your carpets seem infested with moths and/or dust mites? They never seem clean enough and accumulate everything in the air? During carpet cleaning, we offer you effective and adapted bactericidal treatments in order to eradicate the infestation and completely cleanse the fiber of your carpet. 

If you are not sure if you are struggling with this type of problem, do not hesitate to call us to perform an analysis of your rugs. We will quickly find a solution to quickly stop your infestation problem.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning

Just because we offer a highly efficient residential and commercial carpet cleaning service, doesn’t mean you need to use high-powered cleaners that are damaging to the environment. Concerned about your health and respect for the environment, our team uses only non-residual and fully biodegradable products. We also offer a reputable commercial carpet cleaning service that meets the same ecological standards. 

Note also that we use ecological products as much for the big household, the cleaning of ducts, sofas, mattresses., and more. Given the diversity of our services and our vast clientele, it is important for us to offer an eco-responsible cleaning service.

Urine cleaning on carpets

It often happens that pets escape on a house carpet. The odors which emanate from it can be very strong and remain impregnated for a long time on your carpets. Not to mention the spots and dark circles that this kind of damage can cause. A good carpet cleaning is essential in this case. The power of our factory trucks allows us to overcome urine odors left by cats and dogs. Also, carpet cleaning is essential in these situations in order to eliminate bacteria that could become embedded in your carpets. Whether it’s a recent accident or several days old, it’s never too late to seek the advice and services of our team of experts.

Making a carpet cleaning residential by professionals is an excellent solution to protect your carpet, no matter its length, style, or color while saving you from having to do it yourself.

Did you know that they actually trap allergens and thus prevent them from dispersing in the air? You will no longer see your rugs the same way! 

However, it is important to clean the carpet regularly and assiduously, in order to avoid the accumulation of dust trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Indeed, if you neglect the maintenance of your carpets, the stains will perhaps be more tenacious, the dust will have accumulated in large quantities, without forgetting that odors can begin to appear. Deep carpet cleaning is important and must be done at least once a year.

It also ensures that you keep your carpets looking new by removing stubborn or encrusted stains. Don’t forget to perform recurring maintenance, which involves vacuuming your carpets once or twice a week.

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