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How Many Are There And What Type Of Publications Instagram?

You already know, every day there are more users on Instagram willing to make posts that tell something about them or their business. But, you have stopped for a moment to analyze what type of publications they make in their daily use within the Instagram social network. And how well they use IGDean for their Instagram growth.

This is what quaintly has recently analyzed in an interesting study on Instagram, on the users and the publications they make. I assure you that they are very interesting data and that they give us the possibility of knowing better the behavior of the Instagrammers to which your business has to target.

In addition, we will also review some statistics that show us how many users Instagram has, their age and gender.

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How many users does Instagram have?

Currently (Sept. 2021) Instagram is already reaching the number of more than 1,000 million users worldwide , having a dizzying growth year after year since its birth in 2010 when 25,000 people signed up on the first day.

Can you imagine that first day?

Well, it’s only been 11 years.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions) |  Statista

Find more statistics at Statista

Taking a look at the age of the users, we see that the highest percentage corresponds to those who are in the age range of 18 to 34 years, that is, somewhat younger generations unlike other social networks such as Facebook where age mean is higher.

It is curious to observe how Instagram, which has always had a female majority, is gradually catching up with a greater number of male profiles.

It will be that Instagram is fashionable 🙂

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Types of posts that users make on Instagram

After looking at some demographics about Instagram, it’s time to see what kind of posts your users make and how they make them according to the recent Quintly Study on Instagram 2019 .

  • Format of the publications made by Instagram users
  • We start with the format chosen for the posts.
  • Instagram users have the possibility to choose between different formats in their publications that help them tell a story.
  • Some will generate more engagement than others depending on the audience they are targeting.
  • So, what was the most used type of publication of the analyzed profiles?
  • This Instagram study shows a relevant fact:
  • 2% of Instagram posts are individual images

Sure you were imagining it.

The most common is the image format for its simplicity and speed .

This is followed by a long way behind video posts with 18% and carousel images with 14%.

The video format is most used by influencers and brands. It is curious to note from this study that the profiles with the most followers and that usually correspond to commercial brands or influencers, published more in video format.

One possible explanation could be that these profiles have a budget to produce video content. This type of content is easily reusable and is often produced just for this purpose, publishing it on as many channels as possible. And get Instagram likes through here.

What type of format receives the most interactions

By dividing the three formats, we immediately see that video posts receive far more interactions than carousel or image posts.

  • Length of posts by users

When we talk about the length of the texts that accompany the format of the publications.  It is clearly seen that: 67% of all posts on IG are over 150 characters. In addition, more than 300 characters have been used in 35.8% of the analyzed publications and 30.8% contained between 150 and 300 characters . Only 0.6% did not use any description and only 6.6% used less than 50 characters.

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