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How Often Should You Bath Your Baby?

If you are a new parent, everything can seem scary. You can feel out of your depth and often, you have to learn as you go. First of all, know that you have got this. You will always know what is best for your baby. Then, remember that the internet is an excellent resource when it comes to looking after your new child and you can always look things up when you feel lost.

For example, something that parents worry about is bathing their baby too often. Indeed, this is something that you have to be careful about. We have a guide that is going to help you with this topic. So, let’s get started.

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When Should You Bath Your Baby?

Most people shower or have a bath every day or the second day. So, when you have a child, it is natural to think that this is how often you should bathe your baby. However, you have to remember that your son or daughter is sensitive and new to the world. Babies only need to be bathed around two to three times per week.

Of course, not all babies will enjoy baths. Sometimes, they can be scared of the water or not like the sensation on the skin. So, a minimum of two times per week is going to be enough for hygiene. On the other days, you can wipe their face and bottom, as well as other areas that need it. In other words, you only have to wipe the areas that can get dirty rather than the whole body.

If your baby does enjoy bath time and you feel like this is the perfect moment to bond, you can incorporate more baths during the week.  However, you have to be careful with the skin and that it does not become dry and sore from all of the water. You will need to keep a close eye on this to make sure.

Tips for a Fun and Safe Bath Time

Bath time does not have to be scary for babies. This is true if you can keep things upbeat as well as safe. So, here are some useful tips for new parents.

Use Baby Products

It can be tempting to use bath products you already have. But this is not something you should do when it comes to your baby. Their skin is sensitive and there are too many ingredients in other bath products that are unsuitable. For example, check out the Frezyderm baby bath wash. It is able to clean the skin without dehydrating it since it contains gentle ingredients suitable for children. In particular, they are claimed to be anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant ingredients.

Always Test the Water

Of course, you must ensure that the bath is not too hot or cold for your baby. So, always check the water when it is in the tub. This is opposed to simply testing the water when it is coming from the tap, as it can become cooler or hotter. A good test is to use your wrist or elbow and see how this feels on your skin. Aim for a warm bath and not one that is steaming hot.

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Hold with One Hand

You will need to support your baby when they are in the bath. They can sit on a non-slip mat and you can use one hand for support. Then, the other hand is going to be free to bathe them and clean the skin. Remember that your baby is not old enough to be left alone in the bath and you should always be there to hold them up.

Make Bath Time Fun

If you are not used to bathing your child, it is normal to feel nervous and worry if you are doing it right. But, this anxiety can affect your baby. The best thing to do is stay positive and calm at bath time. In fact, you can make it fun and this can create a good association.

Remember the Folds

Most babies have skin folds. This is normal at this age, as well as adorable and you need to ensure they are clean. Otherwise, bacteria can grow here. So, make sure that you clean the folds, as well as ensure they are dry after having a bath. This will prevent itchiness and irritation later on.

Always Dry the Skin After a Bath

When your baby has had a bath, make sure that you dry them properly. There are a number of reasons why you need to do this. First of all, your baby is going to be more susceptible to the cold. So, they are easily going to be colder when they are out of the water and the skin is wet. You want to wrap them in a towel and get them dry before their temperature lowers too much.

Then, you also have to consider the skin. You want to dry it properly before their clothes go on to avoid irritation. You should gently pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it. You have to remember that young skin is sensitive. While your skin might be able to cope with this, babies cannot. Plus, you want to ensure you use soft towels for comfort.

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