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How To Apply Eyeliner – Simple Ways

Are your eyeliner lines flowing smoothly? Are you struggling to achieve a smooth line without appearing like pandas? Do not worry

Are your eyeliner lines flowing smoothly? Are you struggling to achieve a smooth line without appearing like pandas? Do not worry, most of us have experienced this at some point or other. If you’re new to the game, it’s normal for you to be wondering what to do with eyeliner. Your hands could shake even if you have mastered applying eyeliner. In reality, many famous makeup artists have asked at times for a different methods of applying eyeliner! Here are a few simple methods it is possible to apply the eyeliner.

How to apply eyeliner Apply Eye Makeup Base

Before you begin the application of any kind of makeup, regardless of whether it’s for the eyes or face It is essential to prep the makeup first. To protect your eyes it is important to ensure that the eyeliner moves smoothly. Therefore, you should begin by applying a primer. Make sure it is dry before applying concealer or foundation. Apply loose or compact powder to set the concealer, and voila! You’re ready to apply your eyeliner.


Tips: Apply a thin layer of concealer or foundation for a less cakey effect.

Selecting The Eyeliner

In order to begin learning about eyeliner techniques, you’ll have to choose the best eyeliner for you. It is a personal choice, however, pick a pencil eyeliner pen eyeliner instead of liquid because the application is straightforward. Your eye will become more accustomed to the hand that is around it, and you’ll be less likely to blink. Your eyes will also become used to seeing an applicator move across it. Make sure that the eye’s lead pencil isn’t too hard when you’re using it.


Tips: If you notice the lead is difficult to work with, make use of your hair dryer in order to make it soft. Apply your hairdryer to the pencil’s edge for a couple of minutes. Take a few minutes before you use the pencil.

Select the Style of application of Eyeliner

The majority of women now apply eyeliner along the length of their lash line. Therefore, start at the inner corner of your eye, and then move to the outer corner, without lifting your hands. Another way to apply eyeliner is, to begin with, the middle of your eye, then move towards the outer corner, then begin another line from the inside corner of the eye towards the middle. This way, you’ll be able to give better than just the line.


Tips: Apply the eyeliner in the middle of your eye to make the eyes appear larger.

Use Cheeks’ Support When applying eyeliner

It can be difficult to apply eyeliner while your hand floating around in the air. The way that a lot of women do this is to place the palms of their hands on their cheeks as they apply the eyeliner. It is also possible to rest one of your fingers onto your cheeks and then apply the liner to your eyes. This will provide you with more convenience while applying eyeliner.


Tip: Line your eye by keeping your brush’s angle 45o in relation to your nose.

Applying eyeliner using fillers

This is a great option for those who frequently blink when applying eyeliner. Start making the eyeliner just a bit higher than the line you want to draw. Once you’ve finished all you need be doing is to add the area below the line of your eye that you sketched. You can also add lashes between them to give more defined eyes.


Tips: If you’re applying liquid eyeliner, do not put a lot of it onto your brush when filling your eyes.

Apply concealer to correct

Women who have used eyeliner for many years make mistakes and get some bumps and waves in their lines. If the mistakes you make aren’t too big but evident, then you should consider concealer to be your most trusted companion! Apply a brush or concealer on the line to smooth out your black liner. You can dab it using the sponge or blend it using the brush to ensure that it doesn’t appear too obvious. And if you applied make-up and spilled some eyeliner onto your cheek, take it off using a swab, and then apply concealer once more.


Tips: You could make use of a cotton swab to aid in straightening the line.

Make Eyeliner Bold with Your Eyes

If you’re using eyeliners for the first time could make a few mistakes. It’s okay so long as you are willing to go for the bold style. It could take some time before you are able to opt for a subtle line. While you’re at it an eyeliner that is thick on your eyes might be your new fashion!


Tips: If you get the line messed up and you don’t want to make a statement, then opt for the smokey-eye look, by gently smudging the line using your fingers.

Pick The Color of the Eyeliner

A majority of women start using black liner. However, if you wish to have a soft look, opt for brown eyeliner. There are also glitter and bright eyeliners available for those looking to play around with. Make use of a non-naked eyeliner to define your waterline to create a fresh and clean look. This is a great option for the days you’ve had a long night.

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