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How to backup Gmail emails as PDF – The ultimate guide

When you have some knowledge then you should share it with others for the betterment of the community as a whole. I believe in this methodology and I think you should also move in a similar manner. If you are here then you might be using Adobe Reader, Sumatra PDF reader, Foxit PDF viewer pro, Xodo PDF reader, Soda PDF merger and markup, etc. and you are dealing with the issue, How to backup Gmail Emails as PDF? No matter which application you use for your PDF files, I will provide you with the common ways by which you will be able to easily move your Gmail emails to PDF and can access them easily using any of the PDF readers mentioned above.

Google has 15 GB of user space that is shared across three subparts of google that are photos, email, and google drive respectively. If you or your organization take the paid plan of google then storage increases to a whopping 100 GB. But it is not always about the space, sometimes it is about the level of importance the email has in the perspective of a user, organization, or community. This is the reason that users want to backup Gmail email as PDF in their hard drive or system or any other removable media device. Before I explain to you the process by which you can save Gmail to PDF, let us discuss the following topic.

Why migrate Gmail email to PDF?

There are “N” number of reasons which people want to move Gmail email to PDF, the most common and important factors areas;

  • PDF is smoothly shareable over different platforms of both windows and mac operating systems.
  • Password can be set up easily on the PDF file so that only the authenticated person can have access to them.
  • Data associated with the PDF file can be accessed easily without having an internet connection.
  • You do not need any third-party application to read the PDF file content.

It is recommended for organizations to frequently back up Gmail emails as PDF files as it is very important to take backup regularly as hacking other trespassing activities might cause you to lose your data. Sometimes users accidentally delete the data and think that it is not needed in the future. Before deleting the data from the trash, junk folder or any other folder first take the backup then delete it. Who knows that the data that is not that much needed at this time act as a savior for ourselves at a certain point in time.

Ways to Export Gmail email to PDF file

To backup Gmail emails as PDF I would like you to explain two ways that are as follows;

  1. Manual Way
  2. Professional way

If you want to export Gmail email to PDF, then manually follow the below-written steps;

Manual Way

Of the two ways to backup Gmail email to PDF the first one is the manual way. This way is associated with the Gmail email application. This is nothing but a free feature of the Gmail application that is there for every user whether they have subscribed to the professional email service of the Gmail mailing platform or not.  if you have some issues regarding converting your word document to PDF then you can read Gmail sign up. Users can follow some steps to convert Gmail email to PDF. These are as follows;

  • Use your credentials to log in to your Gmail account.

Sign in image

  • Open an email and hit on the three-dot option present on the right of the sender’s email address as shown in the image below.

Second step image

  • Under the dot, option chooses the Print option to continue.

Print option image

  • Now, go to Destination, and from the drop-down menu choose the Save as PDF option and hit on the save option below of the window.

Save as PDF Image

  • Pick the location to keep your converted emails from Gmail to PDF.
  • Enter the file name and choose the adobe acrobat document as the save as type and hit the save button to backup Gmail email as PDF.

Final Step

By this, the manual way to backup Gmail email as PDF is done. You can follow these steps in the same described manner to easily backup your Gmail emails to PDF. Now, let us see the negatives of this manual method.


  • Only your single Gmail email is converted to PDF by using this way.
  • Precious hours will be wasted if you are moving manually.
  • Users should be technologically sound to perform and complete the task safely.
  • Data can be lost while adopting the manual way to backup Gmail email as PDF.

Also, look for How to convert EML data files with attachments? If you want to get the attachments associated with your EML files. As I have already spelled out the manual way to move Gmail email to pdf, it has limitations. To remove them let’s see another way.

Professional Way

By using the Professional or Automated way can do all the things that cannot be done by the manual way. As some restrictions do not allow you to do the needful. Here I want you to look for an automated utility that is known as DRS Softech Gmail Backup Tool. Just look at the various underlying features of the Gmail backup tool:

  • Inbox, archive, trash, sent and other email box items can easily be downloaded using this utility.
  • Users can smoothly save Gmail emails into PDF and various other formats like MSG, MBOX, EML, HTML, etc.
  • Watch your email items before converting them using this tool so that a recheck can be done on the data.
  • Do not consider duplicate email while migrating from Gmail to PDF.
  • The feature that is known as a set backup schedule, helps you to take backup automatically on a particular day or time in case you forget to take the backup because of some work Gmail Backup tool will automatically do it for you.
  • Server space will be cleaned up using the Gmail backup tool to create more space after migrating from Gmail to PDF.

Apart from the above features, this tool has many other advantages that can be directly seen by you. Go to the Official DRS Softech website and download the trial version of the Gmail backup tool that is available freely you can easily take a backup of 50 emails from the different folders easily and learn about the working of the tool.

Let us now move toward the end of this article on dailywold,


In this article first I have written about why there is a need to back up your Gmail emails to PDF, then the manual way has been defined but as it has some problems so in order to overpower them Professional way comes into play. If you are still with us, then you are now very much educated about both of the ways. TO backup Gmail emails as PDF, I would like you to move with the Professional tool of DRS Softech. Gmail Backup Tool is portrayed in a manner that users will not get any problems in migrating their emails from Gmail to PDF files. I hope that now you got the answer to each of your queries. Moreover, from an organization’s point of view, I think data should be of higher importance than some pennies.

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