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How to Build a Platform like Classgap?

As per Statista, the mobile e-learning market size is expected to reach 19.5 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2026. Indeed online tutoring platforms have gained popularity in the last few years with users of all age groups which has definitely expanded the target audience. 

Factors like willingness to learn and convenience in terms of affordability and accessibility have resulted in an increase in demand as well as an increase in the number of Tutoring platforms like Preply, Cambly, Chegg Tutors etc.

 Considering all the popular online tutoring platforms, Classgap is one of the most preferred platforms. The company was established in 2007 and their first project “Tusclases” became one of the largest communities of private teachers globally. The efficiency of the platform has made Classgap a perfect example for entrepreneurs who are planning to step into the e-learning industry to create an efficient platform like classgap.

How Does Classgap Works?

Classgap allows you to learn at your own pace, by hiring private tutors online from Classgap  for tutoring sessions.

For Teachers:

Classgap allows private tutors to register on the platform where they can teach in the virtual classroom, connect with students and receive payments for the services. Signing up on the Classgap, online private tutoring portal is easy just follow the simple steps:

  1. Create your teacher profile and add information related to the subjects you teach, your availability and your hourly rate. 
  2. For sign up, you can use your email or social media account i.e. Facebook so you can integrate your profile from Tusclases particulares.
  3. Other information like your experience, photos, hobbies can also be added to make your profile look professional.
  4. Once your profile is verified and active it will be visible to the students registered on Classgap. 
  5. The students then can connect with you by sending a message, requesting a free 20-minute trial, booking individual lessons or booking a pack of lessons.
  6. Your earnings as a teacher are transferred to your account at the end of each month or once you reach 50€, you can transfer/withdraw your earnings in your PayPal account.

For Students/Parents:

Classgap allows private tutors to register on the platform where they can teach in the virtual classroom, connect with students and receive payments for the services. Signing up on the Classgap, online private tutoring portal is easy just follow the simple steps:

  1. To connect with the teachers the students/parents have to register with their email or Facebook account. 
  2. Once you are registered on the platform you can search for your subject/language/lesson teacher by using the search filters to find your ideal teachers. 
  3. The next step is to book a lesson for there are different options available for the students. You can book a lesson by sending a message to the teacher, book a free 20-minute trial, book a lesson based on the availability of the teachers as per the time & date preferred by you or by booking a lesson pack. 
  4. You can also cancel a class up to 8 hours before the class starts. 
  5. For making payments, payment gateways like credit card payments and payment by PayPal are available. 

How does Classgap earn Money?

  1. Earning from commission charged, 10% of each lesson booked on classgap is obtained by the platform itself, and the rest is credited to the teacher’s account. 
  2. Charge Subscription Fee (Booking Lesson packs in bundle)

Must-Have Features to Create a Platform like Classgap

  1. Teachers and Students Registration & Login 
  2. Multi-Lingual Functionalities 
  3. Interactive Dashboard 
  4. Multiple Payment Methods 
  5. Easy to use interface
  6. Live Tutoring
  7. Video Conferencing 
  8. Supports Multi-Currency
  9. Reviews/Ratings 
  10. Course Package 
  11. Gift Cards 
  12. Time- zone friendly
  13. Share Screen 
  14. Virtual Whiteboard
  15. Option to share documents
  16.  SEO friendly

How To Build Your Own Tutoring Platform

  • Custom Development

You can hire a development team and build your tutoring platform from Scratch. However, building an platform from scratch can be time-consuming and an expensive investment as compared to other website building options available. Custom development is generally opted by entrepreneurs that have a complex business model which requires a lot of customization and integrations.. 

  • Opting for a Ready-made online tutoring software 

The ready-made software  is a time and cost-efficient method of developing an online tutoring platform. They offer customization’s to build a platform like Classgap as some business requirements are unique based on the various factors like language, countries they operate in, etc. The ready-made software solutions with available customization options are generally the first choice for  platform development.

Yo!Coach is one such readymade online tutoring software using which inspiring entrepreneurs can build their own tutoring platform like Classgap. The software is fully customizable and 100% white-label. For seamless online sessions, the software in pre-integrated with video conferencing API such as Zoom, Lessonspace and Atomchat. Yo!Coach is  GDPR compliant and integrated with secured payment gateways such as Paypal, Authorize.net, Paystack and stripe. 


Online tutoring has become the need of the hour not because of the pandemic situation but because of the number of advantages the online tutoring services have for both the tutors as well as the students.

As a fact, online tutoring has become a part of the education system where people do not hesitate in investing in more than one platform. For entrepreneurs, the competition might seem to be high but what makes you better is the efficiency of your platform. Technology advancement is the key to the success of online tutoring websites that makes teaching easy for teachers and the process of learning fun and time saving for the students. The online tutoring business is indeed the future of education globally. It might not completely take over but definitely will play an important role in the education system. 

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