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How to build a WiFi system network in Synology RT2600AC WiFi router?

The Synology RT2600AC WiFi router is a dual-band Gigabit wifi router that provides a 1.7 GHz of a powerful dual-core processor. With uncompromising fast speed, it seamlessly covers 3200 square feet of area. As it has powerful high gain 4 x 4 antennas which are adjustable with two radio waves. Along with that, you get MU-MIMO wireless technology which simply enhances the speed up to 2.45 Gbps. Moreover, the smart wifi connectivity with any device can balance the transition range between speed and covering area. It has a hardware-accelerated layer that seamlessly controls traffic jamming by monitoring all the devices.

Although the setup process is convenient, you can also refer to the manual guide for the detailed steps. In case you have failed to configure or manage the settings of the router then you can also read the Synology rt2600ac troubleshooting Steps which can help you to get rid of any problem whether it is related to set up, installation, or LED lights.

Simply build the WiFi system network in your Synology RT2600AC WiFi router

There are various ways that help you to build the wifi system in your network device. You can simply add the wifi points, enhance the network status or configure the wifi point. Here are some points that help you to deal with the system network. These are the new features that were added after the updates. Apart from the settings and installation, there are tips that can sort your networking range. Let’s start.

Connect to WiFi points

You can connect or add the wifi points in your Synology wireless router which simply enhances the coverage of the areas with some sort of tricks. If you want to add wifi points to your router then find the optimum location for your wireless router. After that go to the settings of the Synology router and click on wifi connect and then tap on the wifi point. Now you can see the add or connect button from where you can join the new wifi point in your wifi device. 

Furthermore, the router can automatically detect the new device whenever it comes under any coverage of the router. You can also apply the settings and update the device system to get the new version.

WiFi networking level

Here you can check the wifi network status or monitor the real-time activities with your Synology wireless router. To enable or to check the network status of your device, go to the system settings and then tap on the wifi connect button and tap on the status option. When you tap on the status option you are able to check the activities of your router.

Configure the Synology wifi points

Go to the wifi connect option and select the wifi point. Now you can check the status of your device. The list of connected devices will display on your screen. whichever device is connected to your router you can check from the wifi points. You also check the details like the name of the connected devices and check for the general information about your router and network status. Moreover you can manage or change the LED status. Along with that, you can turn off the LED, find the devices, reboot your device or reset your device.

How to Check the Synology WiFi performance

To test the services of your Synology router, visit router.synology.com and log in with your admin ID into the Synology account. When you are prompted to the device home page the visit the wifi connect menu and tap on wifi point. Click on wifi point performance. This is the crucial stage as it is designed to check the connection speed and stability. Along with that, you get assured that your wifi point is at the best location. If you find that they are not at the appropriate location then you can vary the place as well.

Final words

The Synology RT2600AC WiFi router enables powerful wireless performance so that you can enjoy a stable connection with all your connected devices. Along with that, it offers you the Intuitive setup so you can easily manage the configuration of the wifi router. As it is professional in its work, it can manage traffic jamming with its advanced tools so you can easily share your network data. To increase the security you can enable the parental control of the Synology router. And can do content filtering which keeps your kid away from inappropriate content from the browser.

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