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How To Care For Dental Implants In The 1st Week

Dental implants are procedures where tooth roots are replaced to better appearance and comfort. Dental implants also improve oral health and make it easy to chew food without pain. Dental implants are simple procedures and don’t take a lot of time. This procedure is considered a solid and comfortable solution for single or multiple missing teeth. 

Many clinics provide effective dental implants in Oshawa with friendly procedures. The success rate of dental implants is about 98%, and with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

How should one care for dental implant treatment?

Patients have many questions on what to consume and how to take care of after dental implant treatment, especially during the first week. 

The aftercare process is straightforward and by following a few basic steps. 

Hygienic mouth and dental implants

To have a successful oral surgery, hygiene of the mouth is essential. Regular cleaning of the other teeth with normal is necessary, along with hot salt mouthwashes to help heal. 

One should avoid hot drinks and hot food. 

It is advised to not eat until the anesthetic has worn off and only have cold drinks. Along with this, hot drinks and hot food are avoided. Food such as seed and fruit seeds or popcorn should be avoided since they can be stuck in the implanted area and result in infections.

Regular checkup in case of any unnecessary pain

In case of unnecessary paints which are unbearable, one can always consult their dentist and have a checkup. Don’t avoid such checkups since it can lead to a lifetime of dental pain. 

You can have a scheduled dental implant in Oshawa. You can easily schedule tooth implants appointments and avail high-quality dentistry services from reputed clinics in Oshawa. 

Don’t disturb the implanted area.

The implanted area should not be disturbed with the tongue or fingers. Strenuous exercise should also not be done for the first 48 hours. 

Taking pain relief

Doctors are usually advised to take painkillers before wearing off the anesthesia. They are also advised to be taken regularly for the first two days after the dental implant. But it has to be noted that taking a lot of painkillers can be harmful to the body. Hence, the prescribed amount of painkillers should be taken.  

This primary care after a dental implant would result in a successful surgery and help it to last for a lifetime. 

Trust Your Professionals!

With experienced dentists in a reputed clinic, one can have a successful dental implant in Oshawa. The dentistry services are excellent and offer friendly procedures for treating different kinds of dental problems. You can book online consultations for dental implants or visit the clinics to know about the replacement procedure and costs. 

Aftercare of the dentures following a dental implant is essential since it helps in proper maintenance and fixation of the surgery. By following these basic steps, one can easily have a painless recovery and a successful implant that’ll last longer. Hygiene and avoiding specific food are also essential to have proper implant healing. 


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