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How to Celebrate Janmashtami During Lockdown

Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna, which is celebrated with great fervor. Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who has many great legends about him. Krishna is one of the prime deities in Hinduism; Krishna is worshipped by many communities in India and outside of India.

People perform many rituals on this day and receive the blessings of Krishna. They worship both Radha and Krishna because, without Radha, Krishna’s name is incomplete. People start their day by taking an early bath and wearing clean clothes. They then head to Krishna temple and submit their prayers.

Every Krishna temple has a hammock installed in which Krishna’s child-idol rests. Devotees give a little swing to this hammock while praying to Krishna.

However, during the lockdown period, it gets difficult to come out of the house and gather in a temple. Hence there is a method via which you can celebrate Krishna Janmashtami at your home and get blessed by Krishna.

Make A Krishna Jhoola

This is the first step of the celebration. You need to create a hammock for Krishna where you place the baby avatar of Krishna. It is a practice to celebrate the birthday at midnight as it was the time when Krishna was born. People celebrate their birthday by swinging this hammock and congratulating Krishna his birthday.

One can make this swing at home and let your kids help as it is a fun activity. You can buy Krishna’s idol from any fancy shop nearby. The hammock can then be decorated with many things. You can also set up Radha’s idol along.

Sweets For Janmashtami

Krishna always loved Makhan and malai in childhood; many legends show his love for these two things. Hence you must offer him milk-based sweets on his birthday and receive his blessings. You can make these sweets at home or buy them from the sweet shops. You can also buy rasgulla, milk cake, and laddoos.

Music And Dance

Everyone who worships Krishna knows he was always fond of his flute and dance. Krishna used to play his flute on which Gopis or girls of the village danced. Hence Krishna always liked melodies and dancing. The devotees can dance Krishna bhajans and listen to his songs.

You can also gift Krishna idols to your friends and relatives. You can order them online, and they are also easily available at gift shops.

Janmashtami Celebrations In Different States


In all major cities of Maharashtra, such as Maharashtra Mumbai, Nagpur, and Pune, the celebration happens as Dahi Handi. People break the Dahi Handi, which is a major part of the festival.

Dahi Handi means an earthen pot full of yogurt for baby Krishna. It is believed that Krishna was always fond of milk products that he used to steal from everyone. People would hide their supplies and hang them so high in the earthen pots that Krishna couldn’t reach them.

Krishna would try all possible ways to break these pots with the help of his friends so he could get some supplies from the leaking pots. The same is repeated in Maharashtra, where a group gathers at one place, giving elevation to each other. One man then steps up on this elevation and reaches to the earthen pot, which is hung high and cracks this pot.

When this pot breaks, everyone sings and cheers up and calls the boy Govinda; they dance and accept the spilling content as prasad.

Gujarat and Rajasthan

The pot is called Makhan Handi, filled with freshly churned butter. People visit Krishna temples; they dance, sing bhajans, and receive blessings from the Lord. Farmers decorate their bullock carts and take Krishna processions.

Northern India

Every state of North India is called Janmashtami, where temples are decorated with garlands and lighting. People prepare the hammocks and decorate their puja room. They prepare many sweets and celebrate the event at midnight.

They then stay all night and sin Krishna bhajans and dance in devotion. Drama events that depict the life journey of Krishna also happen.

Eastern and Northeastern India

In Northeast India, Hindu Vaishnava communities celebrate Janmashtami. They give many performance arts such as Borgeet, Ankia Naat, Sattriya, and Bhakti yoga. There is also Manipuri dance that happens; the dance drama happens, which depicts the love story of Radha and Krishna. Many classical dances also take place while infusing it with north-eastern culture.

South India

Gokula Ashtami here is celebrated in the South Indian way. People decorate their floor with kolams or rangolis made of rice powder. They also stick Krishna’s feet or draw them from the door to the puja room.

In many places, the recitation of Bhagwadgita happens. They make several offerings to the Lord, such as fruits, betel, and butter. Many dishes are prepared, such as Seedai, Sweet Seedai, and Verkadalai Urundai. Many people also observe a fast on this day.

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