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How to Choose Your First eBike

If you’ve never owned an eBike before, there are some things to consider before you run out and buy one. There are many great options to choose from in this rapidly-growing industry. If you haven’t yet jumped on this trend, it might be time to look a little closer.

eBikes have become popular because they are much better for the environment than vehicles. For commuters, they can be a viable solution to get to work more quickly and not have to worry about traffic or the gas emissions from your SUV.

As eBikes increase in popularity and technology continues to advance, we can make them better and even more affordable for people to get their hands on.

Before you head out to pick an eBike, take a look at this simple guide to get the inside scoop on how to choose your first eBike

So What Exactly is an eBike? 

Let’s start with a quick overview of just what an eBike is. It’s not your standard bicycle.

eBike is short for “electric bike.” It is a bicycle that has been modified slightly by adding an electric motor. The motor offers pedal assistance to the rider so that they can ride faster and not have to extend as much physical effort to get from point A to point B.

A standard bicycle doesn’t have a motor. This means when you take long rides or go uphill, it’s much more challenging. There is nothing wrong with standard bicycles but if you’re using this for long rides or commuting, you can get hot and sweaty or tired on the way.

Then, there are options like mopeds that have also become popular for low gas consumption and emissions. A moped could be the right choice for some, but it’s mostly just used for commuting with no motion from the rider.

The eBike is a happy medium between the two. As the rider, you are in control of the assistance that you get from the motor. That means you can use your bike to get in a good ride or a workout. You can also use it to commute and make your ride a breeze. You’re still going to pedal as you ride; it’s just an assisted pedal that can help you move a bit faster.

Choosing Your Electric Bike

Let’s move on to making an official decision on your eBike. Knowing all the details will help you figure out what matters in your decision and to make an informed choice.

Bike Style

Not every eBike is made the same. There are different types available. The styles make a difference when it comes to the ride. Think about where you plan to ride, how often you’ll ride, and what you want to get out of the bike when you are riding.

Here is a quick look at the different styles out there.

  • Commuter Bikes: The commuter bike might also be referred to as a road bike. Ultimately, this is for someone who wants to ride to work and plans to do quite a bit of commuting. It’s a lightweight bike so you can move quickly and easily. These bikes can be used for fitness purposes as well.
  • Cruisers: The cruiser is all about a relaxed ride. These are made with comfort in mind. You like to ride for enjoyment and maybe to relax. It’s like taking a stroll but on a bike. The bike is built for leisure and comfort.
  • Mountain Bikes: Electric mountain bikes are built for hitting the trails. They tend to be a little bit heavier, with larger tires and suspension. They are designed for trails and mountain riding. Off-roading is the name of the game for these bikes.
  • Folding Bikes: The electric folding bike is a cool concept. It can be useful if you don’t have a lot of space for a bike or you want to be able to travel with your bike easily. These are often a bit smaller, and they are truly built to fold up.
  • Cargo Bikes: A cargo bike is designed to help you carry your cargo. These are very helpful if you want to ride your bike for errands or have things to carry with you when you’re on the bike. They can make your hauling a breeze, but they aren’t typically used for really long rides or speed.
  • Fat Bikes: The name doesn’t necessarily mean the bike is huge. What it means is the tires are wide – usually wider than 4 inches. These are common choices in places with sand or snow.

These are the most common styles. The names might vary a little bit, but you get the general idea of the purpose behind each style. Start by thinking about your uses for the bike and what style fits that use.

Comfort is Key

Comfort while you ride is important. It’s not just about the comfort of the pedaling process, but the entire bike design as a whole. It’s critical to know whether a bike can be adjusted at all or whether you’re stuck with what you get.

The aspects that will affect your comfort include things like the wheels, the seat, suspension, the frame design, and whether or not the details are adjustable. If you have the chance to try a bike or at least sit on it, this is a great idea.

Quality eBike Solutions

Some eBike companies got their start from a group of friends who wanted a bike that actually met their needs. Do your research and you’ll find there are affordable solutions that are of great quality at the same time.

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