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How to Clean Charcoal Tiles- 7 Tips for Preventing Damage

People of every era have been conscious about cleaning. From the past to present, they pay proper attention to making themselves, homes and offices clean. In the modern world, people choose to tile their homes for many reasons like they are easy to clean, add esthetic value to the place and last for years.

Various types of tiles are available in the market as per their material, design, prices, shapes and so on. Charcoal tiles are one of the trendy tiles in the UK. They look classy and modern at the same time. Due to high demands, many brands are producing charcoal tiles. Barkley charcoal tiles is also a famous brand that manufactures charcoal tiles in a wide range of varieties.

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These tiles look great on the walls and floors but only then if proper cleaning is done. Otherwise, they seem rough and grimy. Cleaning tiles is an easy job as compared to other options but requires a lot of attention, care and safety. You cannot rub them with harsh mops, brushes or chemicals. Chemicals ruin the charcoal tiles and blur their surface.

For cleaning charcoal tiles, always use specific cleaners available in the market such as Tiles and Stone Cleaners, Dettol Floor Cleaner and many others available in your area specifically for charcoal tiles. You can also use DIY cleaner to clean charcoal tiles.

Add a little amount of cleaner in warm water, you can use DIY cleaner too and mop the floor gently.

For walls, grouts, or special floor cleaning, add cleaner or mild soap into the water in equal proportion and rub tiles with soft cleaning pads in a gentle way. After cleaning, you can use charcoal tiles polisher/shiner for good results.

Clean your Tiles Regularly

Regular cleaning includes sweeping and mopping the tiles with mild soaps or water only. During the whole day, even if you protect your tiles from spills, patches, or spots, still dirt, debris, and other environmental issues like high traffic, smoke, kitchen heat, etc. keep making your tiles dirty and dull.

If you don’t do regular cleaning then after certain times, that dust and debris will become a part of the tiles and make them horrible and disgusting.

Don’t let the stain be permanent

Your tiles will get grimy and grubby no matter how much you clean them. And if many people are living or you have children then just forget that you can protect your tiles from stains.

Ink or pencil spots, food or drinks, muddy feet, or anything you can imagine can spill over the floor. What you can do to protect your polished tiles is remove the stain on the spot. When your laziness catches you, stains will start living with you. Once they get permanent, they will damage your tiles in either way. One if you use chemicals or let them be there.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

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Your tiles can be durable and long-lasting but they are sensitive to harsh chemicals. A harsh cleanser may remove the stain but also take the shine away from the tiles.

Different types of tiles require different cleaners. If you interchange the chemical, prepare yourself for the consequences. Generally, ceramic tiles are easy to clean but other types like limestone, granite marble, and charcoal tiles need mild or special cleaner available in the market.

Be Gentle with your Tiles

You have to be careful about charcoal tiles. Never use brushes, especially with hard bristles or rough sponges. Instead, use soft cleaning pads. Immediately wipe the water after using washrooms to avoid water contact for longer, after using detergents, rinse the tiles with water to remove chemical particles that can damage them.

Moreover, be attentive when pulling furniture over the floor. It’s better to keep a cover on the ends of their legs to avoid scratches or stains.

Grout Needs Extra Attention

Grouts become dull and rough before tiles. They are breakable and fragile so if you don’t take care of them they may start detaching after some time. Clean them too regularly and keep checking them. When grout seems dirty or pulls out, immediately fix the problem before more damage occurs.

Use Door Mats and Rugs

Use mats and rugs at every entrance path to minimize the dirt from outside. Remove your shoes at the door and use soft house footwear. As much as you can do to protect dirt from your tiles, just do it. Dirt and then over-cleaning the tiles fade away from their shine, color, and smoothness.

Try Natural Cleaners

The best way to avoid chemicals on charcoal tiles is to go for natural cleaning treatments. You can use any citrus peel and soak it in vinegar. After 2 days it will become your DIY cleaner. Further than that, you can use baking soda to remove stains. Lemon is one of the best agents for cleaning your tiles. In the same way, you can use many natural ingredients to clean and protect your charcoal tiles.

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