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How To Configure Dlink DAP 1325 Extender Setting

In Simple Manner?

In the large home & office, the network range of your wireless router is not suitable & proper. Because the network coverage of this device is not wider then you can’t access the wireless signals in all areas. If you access network signals at a distance of 100 sq. ft. from the router, then you do not have to access the network signals. If you wish to access the network signals in all areas of your larger home then you can use Dlink DAP 1325 Extender device with your traditional router. The network signals of this device are very strong, capable, & more reliable. It easily extends the existing wireless network signals. With the network connectivity of this device, you can easily boost the wireless signals of your private network, access point, standard router, & more.

The network coverage of the dap-1325 wireless range extender is wider & more. Beamforming technology really helps to increase the wireless signal speed. This device is most ideal for the wires networking device. Because the LAN port is available on the bottom panel of the device. The WPS button is built-in on the front panel then. You can press this button and quickly perform the d’link wifi extender dap 1325 setup in a quick manner. 

Why is it necessary to configure Dlink DAP 1325 Extender settings?

The dap-1325 wireless extender provides high-speed network connectivity to all devices. Your standard router/internet modem easily connects to this device by using one button. Its network connectivity is so strong that you can easily access network signals in every corner. If you really wish to amplify the network signals of this range extender device then you should configure the extender setting. Under the d’link extender setting, many settings included, which are as follow:

  • Dap-1325 extender setting
  • Network setting
  • Configure advanced setting
  • Autoconfiguration(DHCPv6)
  • Static IPv6
  • Link-local only


Configure Dlink DAP 1325 Extender settings in a simple manner 

If you really wish to amplify the wireless speed of the range extender device then you should configure the setting. Under the extender setting, you can configure many settings. These settings are as follow:

Configure extender settings

The extender setting of the dap-1325 range extender device is most important. This setting absolutely enhances the network range. To configure the extender setting, you can use the range extender’s IP address and insert it into the search bar of the browser. Then, you can log in to the account by using the login default login password. You can visit the extender settings page, and configure two settings: first one is an existing network and the other is the 2.4 GHz extender Wi-Fi setting. 

You can select the existing network option and configure this setting. In this option, you can select the existing network type via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. After configuring this setting, you can click the save option and completely save this setting.

Next, you can select the 2.4 GHz Extender Wi-Fi option. Under this setting, you can enable or disable the status option. You can click the Wi-Fi Name(SSID) option, you can modify the name if you want. Next, you can enable the security to protect your device from the outsider & hacker. You can enter the password key in the password field to enable security. In the WiFi channel field, you can select the channel. After configuring the 2.4GHz network, you can click the save option and save all the making settings. 

Network setting

The network setting provides the facility to easily change the URL of your device. The URL is necessary for every device. With the URL you can easily access your device in a quick manner. After login into the account by entering the password & username. Then, you can visit the network setting. Under the network setting page, you will find the device name field. If you wish to change the URL then you can click this field. Under this field, you can easily change the URL. after changing the URL you can click the done option.  

Range extender advanced setting

If you wish to configure the advanced setting of the dap-1325 range extender device, then you can visit the web management page. Under this page, you can select the setting option. In the setting, you can click the advanced setting. Under this setting, you will find many options. You can select my LAN connection field and select dynamic or static IP. you can enter the static IP address in the IP address field. You can also enter the subnet mask in their field. In the primary DNS server option, you can enter the server. After that, you can click the done option and surely save the advanced setting.

Autoconfiguration (SLAAC/DHCPv6) setting

To enhance the network signals of the range extender, you can visit dlinkap.local login and properly log in to the account. Then, you can select the auto-configuration setting under the extender setting. Then, you can choose Autoconfiguration (SLAAC/DHCPv6) in the following option to boost the network signals. You can use the following IPv6 DNS servers. In the DNS server option, you can enter the primary & secondary servers in their field. After configuring this setting, you can save this setting by clicking the save option.

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