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How To Create An Engaging Website For Festive Season?

Festive spirit gives human beings enough grounds to enjoy gourmet food and shopping. Navratri is soon to start and holidays will last till the end of the year. It is prophesied that online is about to expand by 46% from last year, which is going to benefit you if you have an attractive website to lure your target audience.

If a drawer full of money triggers you, then make sure your website is ready for this coming festive season. The website design company is there to help you through this because we all know expert hands make a huge difference.

Here are some tips for you:

Special Festive Promotion to draw leads

A particular festive promotion will give a casual visitor the ideal way to become a buyer. Offers should depend on the type of products and services you provide. Some of the foremost popular offers are:

  • Buy one, Get one free.
  • Discount cards and coupons.
  • free delivery for a sale
Update your inventory and never run out 

Make sure you don’t run out of stock on busy shopping days. There is a good likelihood that orders will increase. So, contact your suppliers early to see if they will provide the in-demand product regularly.

Check your inventory as soon as possible. Stock up on top-selling items, get enough packaging materials, and organize everything.

Create Freebies Banners

Another way to increase visitors is to provide them with something free of charge. You can add a pop-up website to promote a freebie or an incentive. You can provide several freebies at festivals, such as:

  • Accessories
  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift wrapping.
  • Provide a discount.
SEO- Friendly is a need 

Optimize your website with SEO if you haven’t till now! Learn which keywords relevant to your product or store are most popular. To rank web pages, Google’s search method compares over 200 parameters. Do this by using an SEO tool or seeking help from a website design company in Garia, Kolkata, India. Make sure you use keywords while writing product descriptions. This helps you to keep up with the search results.

The speed of your page is the key.

For any online shopper, a slow-loading site is a major turn-off. Test your website loading time.

Check for the optimization of your product images to maintain excellent page speed.

Set a Theme to attract the audience 

It is not essential to switch to a new theme. Yet, having a theme for your online store to reflect the holiday spirit will add a little sparkle to everything! There are numerous platforms from where you can get ideas.

Mobile-Friendly to have better reach

The majority of Indians shop using their mobile phones. Mobile phones account for 52.2% of all internet traffic. Thus, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. You can do this by simplifying your menus, installing a suitable theme, and including a search option.

Holiday Newsletter to always engage your leads

Sending a festive newsletter to your email list is one method of spreading the word about your offers and attracting more visitors to your site. You can start sending emails now to build anticipation, such as a teaser for exclusive discounts that will be available in a few weeks or a festive limited-time promotion to create a sense of urgency. This will allow you to beat the last-minute festive rush. Don’t forget to include social sharing buttons so your consumers can tell their friends about your offer.

Increase your email list to improve sales

As you are more likely to attract more traffic this season, take advantage of this opportunity to add customers to your list. You can design eye-catching, holiday-themed pop-ups that appear on your website when a customer is on the brink of leave. This allows you to attract their attention at the correct time. In exchange for their email address, you can provide a unique discount or an appealing prize.


Your online store will attract customers if it offers an amazing shopping experience along with the appropriate discounts. Begin planning as soon as possible and prepare to welcome the festive shoppers.

Contact the best website design company in Kolkata, India, if you want to take your online business to the next level. Create your online store with all the tools you need to increase sales over the holiday season. You will develop a full-fledged online store with more e-Commerce capabilities, attracting more festive shoppers!

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