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How to download Instagram Video on Android 2022

How to download Instagram Video on Android 2022, Instagram used to be started as a social media platform to share images with your followers. After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, many new elements were delivered by Facebook to the platform. Today, Instagram is a full-fledged social media platform with a ton of features. Sharing pix and videos with your followers, and even chatting with them. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media structures on the planet. There are more than a billion customers already using Instagram.

One of the modern features on Instagram that is getting very famous among customers is the video-sharing features like IG TV and Insta Reels. If you are an Insta person and you also love staring at videos on Instagram, then there would be instances when you wish to download the videos on your device. This is when you want an Insta video downloader tool like Dailywold.

How does the Dailywold Insta video downloader tool work?

Dailywold works as an Instagram video to mp4 converter device that converts the video to mp4 format and then you can download the video on your device. Dailywold Insta video tool works throughout all the platforms. You can use Dailywold to download Insta movies on various units or OS like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The tool is very handy to use, and you can download a couple of Insta videos with the use of Dailywold for completely free. Here is how you can use Dailywold Instagram video to mp4 converter to download videos from Instagram:

Copy the video URL

The first step includes copying the video URL of the video that you want to download from Instagram. You can refer below for extra details on this help.

Paste the video URL

Paste the video URL on the Dailywold Insta video downloader tool. You will locate a box the place you will need to paste the hyperlink to the video.

Hit download video

Once you have pasted the video URL, you can sincerely click on the download button to start the download.

These are the three easy steps that you need to observe in order to download Instagram movies on your device. You will find a precise step-by-step process beneath these steps to make things even less difficult for you. The Instagram video to mp4 converter tool on Dailywold works very precisely to help you download your favorite Insta movies for free. The video can be in any form like an Insta post, IG TV video, or Insta Reels.

Step-by-step information on how to use Dailywold Instagram video to mp4 converter tool:

Follow these steps to download Insta movies using the Dailywold Insta video downloader tool. These steps cowl all the small details to assist you to guide the process. You can without problems learn how to use the device even if you have never used it before. You can pass by this section if you already comprehend how to use the Dailywold Insta video downloader.

Step 1: Open Instagram for Android application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Search for the video that you desire to download. You can also search for the individual or account that posted the video to find the video.

Step 3: Click on the video to open that video on the screen. You will see three dots acting right above the video on your smartphone.

Step 4: Click on the three dots that show up on the right aspect above the video. You will see an option that says reproduction of the video URL. Click on the link to reproduction the link to the video on your clipboard.

Step 5: Now you can exit the Instagram software on your smartphone. Open any web browser on your smartphone and kind Dailywold.com in the address bar.

Step 6: Once you land on the Dailywold website, you will see the choice for More Downloader Tools in the top proper corner of the navigation bar. Click on that button, and a dropdown will appear. You will get a couple of options there to pick the right device for you. Click on the Download Instagram Videos option.

Step 7: Once you click on the Download Instagram Videos, you will be redirected to the Instagram video to mp4 converter on Dailywold. A field will appear in the front of you where you will locate the option to paste the video URL. Paste the URL of the video that you copied on your Instagram software on your phone earlier.

Step 8: Hit the download button to convert your Instagram videos to your favored video format. After hitting the download button, your video will be downloaded and saved on your gadget within a few seconds relying on your internet connection.

Follow these easy steps to use our free Instagram video to mp4 converter to download Insta movies online. Dailywold also aspects other equipment for downloading videos from different social media platforms. Make sure to take a look at them all out, as they are all completely free to use.

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