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Download Videos From Social Media Facebook Instagram!


Today Many Peoples Trying to Download Videos Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are the 4 largest global social networks with a huge number of users. This is because these social networking sites provide an ideal communication and social interaction environment,

Allowing users to satisfy their passions for creating and sharing, and updating modern trends. Most people love videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as Tiktok, but not everyone knows how to download those favorite videos on devices.

Like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Meanwhile, the apps do not have the features to download or save videos offline to ensure video quality and comply with the copyright policy.

That’s not to say we’re completely out of the way. Actually, there are many ways to download videos on these social networking apps, one of them is using video downloaders. In this article, we will share with you 4 dedicated websites to download videos on the 4 social networking sites mentioned above.

Download Facebook videos

First, for Facebook, you can download public and private videos, even live videos with the help of Snapsave downloader in just 3 basic steps. SnapSave will help you download videos in different formats depending on your needs and uses.

You can download it without installing software or signing up for an account to try it out. In other words, you can use the features of this FB downloader completely for free.

  • Step 1: Open the Facebook video, select share and copy the link
  • Step 2: Open – the Facebook video downloader on your Google Chrome, Safari,… Paste the link into the text box, select Download
use Snapsave to Facebook video download
SnapSave.App Download Facebook Video
  • Step 3: Select video quality and start Download or Render

For private videos, you need to select Download private video in the options section of the website then follow the same steps as above. If you want to download the video directly, wait for the video to finish and perform the same steps.

Download TikTok Videos

TikTok is known as a social networking site – a formidable top competitor of Facebook.

The proof is that the number of Tiktok users today has the same number of users as Facebook, the download of the international version of TikTok on mobile phones has reached 1.8 million downloads.

Demand is high, interesting videos on TikTok have a strong attraction to a large number of young users. The nature of downloading videos on Tiktok used to be very simple. You just need to click the Share icon and download it to your phone.

However, there are many videos that are not allowed to be downloaded because of the privacy of the owner. The bigger reason is that the videos downloaded in this form all have the TikTok logo icon and the owner’s name attached.

SnapTik was born to help you solve this problem. With, you do not need to install any software, just need a stable Internet and a link to that TikTok video, paste the link in the text box as shown in the image above, and start the Download.

SnapTik – Download video Tiktok without watermarks

Download videos Instagram

Have you ever wondered why Instagram does not allow saving photos when this application also has many other interesting features such as automatically saving photos after posting to the device and simultaneously posting photos to Facebook?

Not only download 1 photo and multiple photos at once on Instagram, but SnapInsta also allows users to download IG videos, stories, and Reels from Instagram to their computer and mobile phone.

Since this is an online downloader, you need an internet connection and all you need to do is choose one of the 3 options as shown in the picture, copy the video/story/photo link to download, paste it on the website, and Download.

SnapInsta - Instagram downloader
Download videos/photos Insta with SnapInsta

In addition, if you want to get more likes, comments in your Instagram post, read it here

Download videos Twitter

Finally, you will know how to download videos from Twitter now. Snaptwitter will help you download videos for free with just 3 easy steps:

Find video -> Paste video link -> Download.

Twitter downloader SnapTwitter
SnapTwitter.Com – Download Twitter Video

You can use this website for any PC, Android, and iOS device. Similar to the above downloaders, it is completely free, does not need to install software and the interface is easy to see.


Above are 4 useful online websites if you are looking to download videos on social networking applications. For more detailed instructions on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok downloaders, you can refer to the specific instructions section of each website.

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