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How To Draw A Minion Series Of Nice Step by Step?

How To Draw A Series Of Nice Minions?

Many people wonder how to draw a minion. Nothing could be easier. But first, we must understand that the minions. This shapely yellow creature of the animated film “Despicable Me.” According to legend, this artificially created robot invented the mad scientists. They eat, drink, have delicious refreshments, and sleep all day. In addition, they love to joke and often pin-up with each other.

For it is loved by all readers, from the youngest to the oldest. Jokes are pretty plain, just enough to laugh and think. The most fun part of the cartoon. Because they are so funny, after watching, everyone wants to know how to draw a series of minions. Learn more about cool drawing idea.


For this, we need fine-grained paper for watercolor, a simple watercolor pencil, washing gum. Synthetic round brush, for example, number 1, but you can choose any more. Two cans with water. Pencil desirable to have a company Kooh-i-Noor with 34, 33, 17, 16, 28, and 3. And now, when we have all the facilities for our work, we have nothing left but to draw a minion gradually. This is not difficult to do if you follow straightforward instructions.


how to draw a minion


Consideration should be given to this character, and simple form is present. For example, the trunk minions like a rectangle with rounded ends. Draw the main shape of a simple pencil, then the rest – glasses, arms, and legs. Don’t worry if you have additional lines, and then they can quickly delete with the eraser.


Also, again pencil leads round the main loop. Dorisovyvat remaining stuff – mouth, eyes, hair, and clothes. Remove unnecessary lines with an eraser. The result is a simple linear pattern. Here’s how to draw a pencil minion phase. Then proceed to color.


Take the yellow color of the minion body. Blue color the clothes and tiny shoes and gloves. The color of the light ocher – is the number of 28 – to impose the eyes behind his glasses. Then dunks brush in water, not much, just a little bit. Blur the color. If the water is a lot, it can form unsightly stains, so don’t overdo it. All we need – is to make everything monophonic.


We give our drawing ideas and coloring a little dry. Eyes EP, as well as the shadow, gets dark brown inside points. Blue characterizes the shade. Black gets all the little details and shade – buttons, inscriptions on the pocket, boots, and gloves.

how to draw a minion


The last stage. Blue and black – these are elements of points. Similarly, do not try to repeat the glare. It is not necessary. Clicking on a black pencil, we get shades and blue that characterize metallic brilliance. On his head is denoted by a few hairs. Paint the pupils. Blue-gray pencil dorisovyvat shadow. A bit of stress lower lip. To switch to the shade that did not look sharp, we need a second jar, in which we wet the brush and blur image.

Here’s how to draw a minion phase. Nothing complicated. Go for it!

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