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How to Draw a Tail – Step By Step Guide

How to Draw a Tail – Step by Step Guide: Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the many famous characters in video games. Still, while Sonic is pretty famous, he has many favourite friends and allies. Sonic’s best friend, Tails, is one of them, and he has many fans who want to know how to draw Tails.

By the ending of this guide, you can learn more drawing ideas any fan of the iconic fox will be able to pull it off in no time and want to read it all the way through! A step-by-step guide on how to draw a tail makes drawing this cute character a lot of fun.

How to Draw a Tail Let’s get started.

Step 1

For a guide on how to draw a tail, start with the tips of his hair. To draw them, you can make 3 sharp shapes like in the reference picture. These will be attached to the top of his head in a later step, so let’s get to part 2!

Step 2

Now that I’ve drawn the spiky hair, I’ll start drawing the head of the tail in this step. First, you can use rounded triangles to draw big, pointy ears. Then you can use a round line for the top of the head and another curved line to extend across the face. Finally, draw a small oval for the nose and under the nose.

Step 3

In this part of the tail drawing, we begin detailing the face of the picture. First, draw a circular line from the nose to the top of the mouth. It extends to the other side of his head and ends at a point. You can then draw big round eyes that open halfway up his face.

The right eye has eyebrows to give the tail some attitude! Finally, in this step, you can add pointed shapes to the face’s sides to provide a cute detail.

Step 4

This step of our guide on removing tails will allow you to draw the first arms of the design. The bottom has large gloved hands on its thin arms. Curved lines represent his fingers extending upwards, and some lines are curved for his other fingers. Finally, you can draw thin arms that extend below your face.

Step 5

In this next step of the guide, we’ll move on to drawing the body of the tail. It has a round body with hairy patches on its chest. Then extend two lines down his body to make the first leg. Then you can draw the big-toe shoes according to the reference picture.

Step 6

The tail gets its name from the fact that it has two seats. You will draw these tails in this step of the tail removal guide. You can use a sharp curve to draw a double-pointed tail on the left side of the bottom. Once the tail is drawn, add squiggly lines to the inside of the leaf to add cute detail.

Step 7

Now that you’ve drawn a leg to draw the tail, the next step is easy. In this step, we will draw the other leg of the tail. It’s very similar to the first one I deleted. The show on this stage is slightly different, stretching out a bit.

Draw a Tail
Draw a Tail

Step 8

Soon it will be time to paint the tail, but there is one more aspect to add to this guide on how to draw a seat! Pull the arms and hands to the right of the tail. It’s a little lower. That’s all the details for this guide, but feel free to add your information if you’d like. Maybe you can draw the background of your favourite tail shape in this drawing.

Draw a Tail
Draw a Tail

This last part of the tail design allows you to finish the picture with beautiful colours! The tail has a yellow and white colour scheme, and the boots hint at red. I used these colours as a reference image, so if you want the tails to look like his classic design, you can use that as a guide for colouring.

Your tail drawing is ready!

You’ve completed this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a tail! When you look at this design, it may seem like a complicated drawing, but it can be effortless if you have instructions to follow step by step!

We hope that this guide made it much easier for you and that you had a lot of fun working with it! We mentioned a background drawing, but feel free to add other details!

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