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How To Draw Charizard Pokemon!

How to Draw Charizard Pokemon

Since the release of its video game in 1996 and the debut of the anime series in 1998, Pokémon has been popular with kids, teens, and adults. Charizard’s character adds humanity’s centuries-old fascination with dragons to this exciting world. To draw your own Charizard, follow this easy step-by-step drawing tutorial.

You will require a sheet of report and something to draw on. You can also use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color your work. In each example, new lines are highlighted in down. Draw your lines lightly at first, as you will be erasing a lot to complete your drawing. Are you ready to start your Pokémon adventure? Charizard, I choose you! 18 Easy Pokemon Drawing Tutorials post has more easy Pokemon drawings you can do.

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Step-by-step instructions for drawing Charizard

Step 1

Start by drawing a small circle on the seat of your page. This will form the head.

Step 2

Then draw two very curved lines on the top of the head. These will form the horns.

Step 3

Start detailing the face by drawing a curved vertical line in the center of the circle and two more curved lines to the right of the process.

Step 4

From the snout, by extending a curved line from the bottom of the circle and connecting it to the curved line, you drew inside the right side of the process. Draw another curved streak at the end of the beak.

Step 5

To form the jaw, draw a curved line from the left horn’s floor to the beak’s tip.

Step 6

Erase the guidelines. These include the original circle and the line across the muzzle.

Step 7

Draw the neck. Draw two curved lines extending from the bottom of the head, then connect them at the bottom using a shorter curved line.

Step 8

Draw a roughly circular shape below the neck. This will form the body.

Step 9

Sketch on the arms and legs. The left arm consists of two curved lines that extend from the body. The right arm is drawn using four curved lines intersecting the body and neck. For the lower legs, remove each one using two curved lines.

Step 10

Draw a ring at the end of the apiece arm. This will form the hand. Connect the two sides of the leg for each foot using a curved bulbous line.

Step 11

Draw three claws on each foot. To draw a nail, extend two curved lines from the foot. The lines will meet at a point. Attach the lines at the other end using a sharp, curved line. Each claw will reach a curved triangle with a round base.

Step 12

Erase the guidelines that cross claws, legs, and arms.

Step 13

Draw three claws on each hand. Start each foot by drawing a curved line that starts outside the hand circle, curves outward, and ends inside the process. Then draw a second shorter angled line from the midpoint of the first, finishing inside the ring yet, connecting the two ends of the line with a short, curved line. Also, draw a curved line through the hand’s middle to add detail.

Step 14

Draw the tail by extending a curved line from the leg and the foot, meeting them at a point. Finish off the bottom by adding another curved line between the body and the foot.

Step 15

Draw a curved line from the left flank of the body to the proper leg. This details the belly. Draw a love at the end of the seat. Start on one side of the tip of the heart, drawing a jagged, wavy line. End the streak on the other side of the direction of the tail.

Step 16

Add points to the tail by drawing a curved stripe.

Step 17

Draw the wings. Extend a wavy line from the shoulders for each branch, then fold it out and down. Draw an equal wavy line below the rather one. Repeat on the opposite side. Draw the eye using two curved lines. For the nose, draw two short, curved lines at the snout’s tip and a longer, wavy line above the left nostril. Draw a triangular tooth on the edge of the mouth.

Step 18

Draw a curved line in the shape of an “M” to connect the tip of each wing to the back. Detail the branches using two curved vertical bars on each. Fill each eye with a curved line, a small circle, and a dot. Erase the neckline guideline.

Step 19

Color your Charizard. To color him in the classic style, shade his body orange, his wings and eyes teal, his belly light yellow, and his flaming tail bright yellow. The claws may remain white.

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