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How To Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems?

Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems

AOL is one the best mail service provider. You don’t have to opt for any plan package to use this app as it’s free. Somehow many people are facing AOL mail problems. Many issues come across you guys when you try to use AOL is not receiving the mail, not able to open the attachment. So to solve this, read this blog till last.

(Note) Before starting any solution you should first clear all the data and start from a new tab.

How can you fix the AOL attachment issue?

1. Reboot your device

So what should you do first is log out of your account of AOL then restart your device and then log in to your account. Maybe then you will be able to open your attachments

2. Update your software

After trying the first step your AOL mail attachment problem is not solved then try this step. 

Check your software first because none of the solutions will work if your software is not updated. 

To view the attachment you must have ms word downloaded on your gadget if you are using a doc file. And remember ms word must also be updated. And you should also install the pdf file viewer.

3. Check server

You should also check the server. Sometimes servers are also down due to a bad connection at the backup. Or due to repairing of the system. Maybe for this reason you are not able to download or view the attachment. In this case, you have to wait and check the server status after every few hours to work on AOL.

4. Aol quick Restore feature

You can take the help of Quick Restore. This feature is in built-in AOL mail. But remember you can take the help of this feature only when you get the mail by AOL software only.

  1. So now go to the screen of your pc and press start.
  2. Then a blank space will appear on your screen. 
  3. In that space, you have to write a system and click enter.
  4. Now search for AOL information and tap on it.
  5. By clicking on this a window will open. Then press to the quick Restore.
  6. By doing this, the restoration will start. And then your pc will restart.
  7. Remember your pc should have a full battery when you do this process and do a clear tab of other work.

You should try now to open the attachment.

  1. Check your browser

Do check the browser also. Sometimes the App doesn’t associate with the browser. Or check you have an update edge browser.

If you are sure that you have an updated browser. Then shift to some other browser. There are many browsers available. May that work for you well.

6. look at your file size

When you are not able to send the attachment. Then look at the size of your file. If the AOL mail attachment limit cross, it won’t allow you to send the email and file. The limit of sending the file is only 25 MB. So don’t cross that.For more information related to this topic, you can go to Ityug247

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