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How To Gather A Contact Database For SMS Messaging!

Many businesses struggle to structure good client communication. Bulk messaging via messengers and SMS not only solves this corporate burden but also allows consumers to obtain vital information about requested products and services more quickly.

It is vital to collect contact information from the target audience in order for communication between the company and the client to take place. In this essay, we will explain how to get a phone number legally and conveniently for the user.

Options for data collecting

The first step in preparing the newsletter is to get permission from your consumers (both existing and future) to receive communications from your firm. There are three methods for obtaining permission to send a message:

«Offline» is a paper questionnaire in which the consumer adds his or her contacts, such as name, surname, and phone number, as well as ticking the permission to receive messages. Don’t forget to get the customer’s permission to handle his or her personal data!

«Online» refers to a form that is completed on the website. The online form must provide a link to the message-sending terms as well as a description of the service via which the message will be sent. The consumer must provide their name, surname, and phone number, and select the agree to receive messages box.

An audio recording of a contact center discussion is not the most common method since it is inconvenient to store a big number of audio recordings. The operator’s major responsibility here is to notify the subscriber about the message.

Characteristics of acquiring consent

Consent to send messages is controlled not only by the General Data Protection Regulation but also by the laws of each messenger for acquiring user contacts for organizations that send commercial communications.

Telecom carriers may issue SMS and Viber fines for illicit SMS communications. Each nation has its own recognized authority in charge of overseeing consumer-business interactions.

It is forbidden to automatically check the permission to receive communications boxes in the electronic questionnaire. The user should check the item on the form by themselves. If authorization is gained through the website, the customer’s phone number should be validated by a one-time SMS code.

A customer who begins the discussion is regarded to have consented to receive further communications unless such consent is rescinded or the client declines to subscribe. It is crucial to note, however, that users may reject to receive communications on behalf of a specific sender at any moment. Viber checks user lock frequency and may block senders with a high lock frequency at its discretion. To unlock the sender’s name, the disabled sender must give Viber the needed message content details. Viber reserves the right to restore the offending sender.


The brand may only send messages to users who began the conversation: those who contacted the chat for purchase information, inquiries regarding the delivery of products, the specifics of the service, or the usage of software based on the company’s specialty.

Political parties, pawn shops, credit organizations, companies dealing in weapons sales, narcotics, tobacco, alcohol, adult stores, blogs with open publishing for users, gambling, religious groups, astrologers, and psychics are all prohibited from sending mass communications through messengers and SMS.

How to Make Your Contact Collection Form More Convertible

Where to Find Contacts

We’ve clarified how to correctly collect a contact database in order to avoid being blacklisted. So, where is the best spot to ask a consumer to fill out a form in order to get his or her permission to join a mailing list? Contact points with customers may include:

The site has a pop-up: When the user is not active or is going to leave the site, open the data collection form.

Making a purchase on the website: Inform the consumer that by clicking the Order button, he acknowledges the accuracy of the information submitted and agrees to receive mailings.

On-site online chat:  At the conclusion of the conversation, the operator may offer to subscribe to a promotional notice or a message about a new product that is appealing to the possible consumer but is not yet available.

Offline: At the cash register, the merchant may request that the buyer fill out a form on paper or on a website through a QR code.

On social media: Launch a regular consumer advertising campaign. Post a call to subscribe to the newsletter and direct people to the site’s signup form. You may also use Lead Ads, in which the customer enters and sends data immediately from the post.

In the software: Add a message subscription block or pop-up window.

Why are consumers hesitant to provide contact information?

The primary reason is that people are wary of irrelevant material, spam, and invasive sales. The answers listed below may be provided to the user in return for a phone number.

SMS with a coupon for the next purchase. Request the customer’s phone number so that you may send a promotional phone.

A free trial, introductory lesson, or webinar – it may be any free product relevant to your company. Aside from providing an incentive to subscribe, such a service will assist you in becoming familiar with your fundamental offer.

This is especially critical when a product or service is difficult or costly. And the buyer needs time to determine whether or not to acquire it.

You should not try to expand your customer database at any expense. It is not as essential how many consumers have subscribed to the company’s. Communications as it is how targeted and paid those individuals are.

Guni’s SMS Gateway wishes you luck in your hunt for devoted subscribers, as well as in your communications to them! Also, Check out Guni SMS Gateway to get started. It is simple to use and offers a wide range of SMS services, including bulk SMS alerts, push alerts, advertising, and commercial alerts.

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