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How To Improve Brostrend Wireless Range Extender

WiFi Performance?

Hello, I am Joseph from California, United States. I work as a Lead Developer in my office. The office staff has been facing network regular network issues, due to poor network range. The router is not good enough to provide range all over the office. We have two options, whether to buy a new router with a better coverage range or buy a wifi range extender. Then I suggest my boss purchase a Brostrend wireless range extender. We look for this device on online platforms, there are great reviews everywhere. My boss is agreed with me, so we decided to purchase it. It is a great wifi extender that extends the range of the router up to 1200 square feet and spread it over a wide area and at every corner of the workplace. Over 20+ devices can be connected at the same time.

It delivers a speed of almost 1200MBps, 867MBps for 5GHz, and 300MBps for 2.4GHz bands. Setup is also very easy as compared to the Nextbox wifi router. In the Nextbox wifi extender, you have to visit the nextbox.home to do the setup. Because of its universal compatibility, it easily connects with all types of routers.

Some Features Of Brostrend Wireless Range Extender

These are the main features of the Brostrend wifi extender.

Speed and Coverage

The Brostrend Wifi range extender delivers a superfast speed of up to 1200MBps for both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. It spread the coverage range over a wide area up to 1200 square feet. HD Video streaming and high-end gaming tasks can be done easily without any lag. Over 20+ devices can be connected at the same time which makes this router compatible for office use. The two inbuilt antennas will also help to boost the signal strength and spread it at every corner of your home and workplace.

Design and Compatibility

It can be placed and connected anywhere because of its small, compact and sleek design. Weather-resistant features allow this device to be placed even in harsh conditions, such as rain, dust, snow, sunlight, etc. Easily mounted on the wall as it has a wall plug mounted on its back, which savers the hardware costs to place the extender. It is compatible with almost every type of router available in the market.

Easy Setup and Reliable

This Wifi extender can easily be set up by using the web interface or an app. Just press the WPS button for almost 6 to 8 seconds to initiate the setup process. The smart LED light will help you to find the perfect spot for your extender. If the blue solid LED light flashes, it means the extender is in the perfect location to extend the network. You can read the manual available in the shipment box of the extender. A two-year warranty with 24*7 customer support makes it a reliable product.

Safe and Secure

The inbuilt ethernet port on the back of the router can help the users to establish the connection using ethernet cables. Data transmission through the ethernet cable is more secure as compared to the wireless connection. It comes with WPA, WPA2, WPA2, WPA3, and WEP security protocols which provide additional security to our network connection.
Now we gonna discuss the tips to secure the wireless network performance of the Brostrend wifi range extender.

Tips to Secure WIFI Performance Of Brostrend Wireless Range Extender

These are the tips that you must be followed to secure the network performance of the extender.

Adjust The Antennas

Adjust all the antennas of the Brostrend extender after unfolding it.

Spot The Location

Find the perfect spot for your extender. The solid LED light will help you to find a perfect spot. Make sure that the extender is not too far from the router and there should be no nearby WiFi device that may connect. When a clear line of sight can be seen between the extender and the router, this means the extender is in the perfect location.

Avoid Obstructions

Avoid obstructions such as walls, metals, glasses that may interrupt the WiFi performance of the extender. Place the extender on the top floor of your home and workplace.

Change The Band

Change the band by visiting the web management page. Just enter the IP address to log in and you will be able to access the web management page.

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