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How to Install a Garage Door Lock

Perhaps you are wondering, “Why should I install a garage door lock?”. It is about improving home security. There is no need to explain how important the garage local locksmith Service. It is the most preferred target for burglars. For safety reasons, garage door locks sometimes need to be replaced.

Installing a garage door local locksmith Service is simple. Knowing more about the tool you are using and the steps to follow will help you replace your garage door lock efficiently.

Remember, knowing when to call a professional locksmith is key to a successful installation.

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Types of Garage Door Locks

There are different types of garage door locks, and each requires a particular installation technique. Let’s explore garage door lock types.


For most people, these locks are the most reliable. It is obvious why. They are easy to install and very secure as well. Unlocking the locking mechanism requires a key. Deadbolt locks use pistons that enter the door sides and connect them to the wall. The installation of a deadbolt is a great way to keep burglars out.

Digital Locks

Digital locks are an upgraded version of deadbolts. Their locking mechanism is the same, but a code controls them instead of a key. You should have a code to open the door. Digital locks are very safe but expensive.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are an improved version of digital locks. It is possible to lock or unlock the door using your fingerprints. This functionality makes electronic locks extremely secure and difficult to break. Family members can also open and close doors with their fingerprints.

There are only two negatives – the price and setup. These models look stylish but cost a lot. It is recommended to hire a locksmith to install the lock.

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Slide Bolt

You should install a slide lock local locksmith Service on the inner side of the door – so the door cannot be opened from the outside. Here, the purpose is to secure your garage door when inside a house. Plus, burglars will not gain access to your home. You can install a sliding bolt as an extra measure of home security. Although the price is very affordable, they provide a lower level of security than electronic locks.

Choosing a Lock Type – What to Consider

While choosing a garage door lock, you need to consider many factors. Security, door type, setup specifications, and budget are all important things to consider. You should choose a lock that is suitable for your garage door and the locking system.

Selecting the right door lock is a crucial first step towards protecting your garage and possessions. When purchasing a new lock, decide what matters most to you – level of security, usability, or cost, for example.

Steps to Install a Garage Door Lock

Well, you’ve already learned about different lock types. Let’s move on to the next stage – lock installation. These steps will help you with your task.

1. Gather the Necessary Tools

To ensure a smooth installation, prepare the right tools. Make sure you have these essentials:

  • A drill – for drilling pilot holes.
  • Screwdriver  – to tighten screws.
  • Marker or pencil – to mark drill points.
  • Level –  to ensure the vertical and horizontal alignment of the new lock.
  • Tape measure – for precise measurements.
  • Garage door lock kit –  which includes a lock mechanism, screws, and sometimes a template for marking.

2. Prepare the Garage Door for Work

Safety comes first. If you have an automatic garage door, disconnect the opener to prevent unintended activation. Manually lock the door or position it in a way that prevents movement during installation.

3. Locate the Lowest Bar Slot

Find the lowest slot on the door’s metal bar. This location is ideal as it provides substantial leverage and enhances the lock’s effectiveness.

4. Insert the Door Lock

Carefully insert the locking bolt of your garage door lock kit into the selected slot. This bolt is crucial as it will slide into the track, preventing the door from being opened from the outside.

5. Mark the Screw Holes

Place the lock mechanism against the door, aligning it with the bolt. Use your marker or pencil to precisely mark where the lock’s screw holes meet the door.

6. Drill Holes on the Marks

Drill pilot holes at your marked points. These holes should be slightly smaller than your screws, ensuring a tight fit and secure installation.

7. Drill in the Screws into the Holes

Attach the lock mechanism to the door by drilling screws into your pilot holes. Ensure they are snug, but be careful not to over-tighten and strip the holes.

8. Screw the Garage Door Lock

Confirm that the lock mechanism is firmly attached to the door. Check for any movement and ensure it’s flush with the door’s surface.

9. Test the Garage Door Lock

Before finishing, it’s crucial to test the lock. Partially open the garage door, engage the lock, and then try closing the door. Make sure the lock engages correctly and provides a secure hold.

DIY or Hire a Locksmith?

Deciding between DIY and contacting a local locksmith service for your lock installation depends on your comfort level with tools and home improvement tasks. Consider these factors:

  • Skill level –  If you’re comfortable with basic tools and have tackled similar projects, DIY could be a rewarding option.
  • The complexity of lock – Some garage door locks might be more complex, requiring specific installation techniques that a professional locksmith is better equipped to handle.
  • Time and efficiency – A locksmith can work quickly and efficiently to save you time and frustration
  • Tools availability – If you lack the necessary tools, hiring a locksmith might be more cost-effective than purchasing them.
  • Peace of mind – Professional lock installation guarantees the job is done right, giving you added peace of mind.


Garage door locks are a practical solution to home security. The lock change difficulty depends on the lock type and skills. With little motivation and following some useful steps, you accomplish the task easily and safely. Hiring a professional locksmith is a wise choice for home security and peace of mind.

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