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How to keep a stowabike clean

How to keep a stowabike clean (KW: stowabike, Anchor: Stowabike 20 city bike review)

If you have one of those cool looking bikes like the Scotties or Kawasaki Zions, you are probably curious as to how to keep a stowabike clean. This type of bike is not hard to maintain. In fact, it could be easier than most types of bicycles. If you are just starting out, learning how to keep a stowabike clean will probably be a great thing for you. If you know the product more, you can clean better. For that read Stowabike 20 city bike review.


First thing that needs to be done

The first thing that needs to be done to keep the stowabike clean is to ensure that it is covered when not in use. It should have a cover that is made from some sort of plastic. This will help to prevent dust from entering the bike and potentially scratching or denting it. This can be easily accomplished by zippers or Velcro strips being attached to the seat.


Velcro strips or zippers

Most people realize that they need to wash their stowabikes every now and then, which is why the mentioned Velcro strips or zippers are so helpful. However, there are other items that need to be cleaned, if you plan on riding in areas with water. One such item is the fuel tank. The fuel in your stowabike can get very dirty over time, especially if it is left in the same spot for too long without being cleaned.


The fuel tank

To clean the fuel tank, it is important that you do not add any salt or gasoline to it. This can actually ruin the engine because it will make the pump and other parts deteriorate quickly. Instead, simply remove the old fuel tank, and dispose of it properly. It is a good idea to keep spare parts in case this does happen. You may also consider cleaning the tubes that lead to the carburetor as well. When doing so, it is important to remember not to put salt or gasoline back into these tubes.


The saddlebags

Another item that would need to be cleaned when you take your stowabike out on a hike is the saddlebags. Saddlebags should be kept in a shady area for best results. If you do not have a shady area, it is highly encouraged that you invest in a good saddlebag cover. This way, you will know that you are keeping your bike safe from damage while it is in use.


This process is hand-in-hand

As far as keeping your bike clean in general goes, this process will go hand-in-hand with the other information on this page. If you ride in a heavily traveled area where dirt and mud are common, cleaning your bike will be a bit more difficult. One method that has been used by many in order to keep a stowabike clean is using a power washer for the dirt and mud. It is also recommended that you check the fluids that are in your bike on a regular basis. This way, if there is ever a problem, you will be able to solve it before too long.


Change out the tires

Another way to keep a stowabike clean is to change out the tires periodically. If you do not change them out, then the tread will be too worn out. In addition, if you do not wash the tires, rust can set in. This can lead to trouble with the frame of the bike. To solve both of these problems, it is highly recommended that you change out the tires.


The tips

These tips will help you learn how to keep a stowabike clean. They may seem like basic things, but they are important to maintaining a bike in this day and age. You should be sure to clean your stowabikes at least once a year. If you are not sure how to do it, then look into renting or borrowing a stowabike to use for a while. Read online review to know more.


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