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Time To Change Your Screen Protector!

Screen protectors now come standard with every phone. They allow us to hold onto our phones comfortably and without fear of breaking them. However, they are not eternal, and some signs tell us when it might be time to retire them for the sake of our phones.

It has become more common in recent years for mobile phones, cases, and chargers to all come bundled with a often installed. We highly recommend these protectors to keep your phone’s display scratch- and crack-free.

However, there are instances when the  needs to be replaced. When a scratch or crack appears on the screen , you can generally see this coming. These cracks and scratches can be highly irritating, and your finger might go up on the screen . This can also increase the risk of damaging the actual display.

But of course, it’s also best to know when you should change your  protector before it looks too rough. Today, let’s look at some signs that it’s to update your  protector. Here’s what you need to know:

Peeling Off

One of the biggest signs of replacing your phone’s screen  is when it starts to peel off. Peeling off is what happens when the corners of the screen  lift and begin to peel away. This not only looks bad, but the problem will generally get worse if left undone.

Fortunately, if you catch the problem early enough, you may just have to replace either your phone’s screen or the case. You should immediately look at the case and the phone if you notice peeling. If they’re both fine and only that’s peeling, you can probably just replace the screen.

One Thin Crack

Cracks are the most prominent sign that shows your phone’s screen requires replacement. Whether those cracks are due to an accident or an ill-fitting protector, they need to be addressed.

Unfortunately, even one crack in the screen can lead to other cracks spreading and the screen protector cracking further. The most common reason for this is general wear and tear.

Screen Poorly Protected

If Your protector does not adequately protect your phone’s screen, it’s also a sign that there’s a problem. Sometimes, this can be attributed to the phone being a poor fit. If you’re planning to replace your phone’s , we suggest taking it to the phone store where you got it and having them replace it.

However, the problem may not be just. The problem could also be related to the case. We recommend replacing both the screen protector and the case if this is the case.

Liquid Damage

Screen protectors keep your phone’s screen safe from scratches, but they are not designed to prevent liquid damage. If there is any liquid damage to your phone’s  protector, you must replace it.

It does not matter the type of liquid. Even if the liquid was water, soda, or coffee, the  protector should be replaced immediately. Doing so will prevent the liquid from damaging the phone’s actual display.

This is especially important if the phone was exposed to extreme heat or was hot at exposure. The heat can cause the liquid to vaporize and could cause it to damage the phone’s display.

The Bottom Line

Screen protectors are probably the most common accessories that come with phones today. They are inexpensive and protect your phone’s display from any damage. However, they do wear out over time. You can prolong their lifespan by doing a few things, but eventually, they will need to be replaced.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, we recommend replacing your phone’s screen. This can save your money in the long run since. these  are pretty affordable.

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