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How to login to your Netgear Orbi Router

Netgear Orbi Login page can be accessed using the www.orbilogin.net web address. You can modify the settings for your network, set up parental controls, and install the most current Orbi Satellite firmware upgrades efficiently. However, completing the Orbi Netgear login and satellite configuration can be a bit difficult. There are times when you have difficulty accessing the orbilogin.com website address, the Orbi satellite setup webpage or possibly navigating your Login Orbi app. Whatever problem you’re facing, knowing the correct steps to use the setup wizard of the Orbi aids.

Netgear orbi login using orbilogin.com

The orbilogin.net setup wizard is available if you have the correct information. Use the default login details such as the username and password. Also, you’ll require access to additional devices like Ethernet cable(s), DSL MODEM, and a computer or smartphone. If you’ve got these then you can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Connect to the Orbi network via a wireless or wired connection. If you’ve configured your computer to utilize an IP address that is static and you want to modify the address so that it utilizes an address that is based on the DHCP protocols(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) starting from today.

Wired Cable Connections

Attach your PC to your main Orbi router with an ethernet cable. Create a connection between both LAN ports on both devices. When you’re connecting them, be sure that your cable modem is getting power and is turned on. You’ll be able to see the status of your internet connection in the lower right corner of the taskbar on your computer.

Connecting via Wireless feature

If you’re connecting with your router for the first time you will be able to connect to the router’s network via your smartphone. Simply take a picture of your QR code and the devices will be connected to one another quickly. Alternately, you can manually select the SSID for your router’s network in the Wireless Networks list. If you find the name on the list then select it and then click the connect button.

Accessing the orbi netgear login page

Now, once you are connected to the Netgear Orbi router network, open a compatible web browser on your computer, and in the address bar type https://www.orbilogin.com and press enter. You can also use the web address https://www.orbilogin.net instead. This will take your browser to the orbilogin.com login page on the internet.

  • When you’re in your Orbi set-up wizard, you’ll be able to follow the on-screen instructions to finish the set-up. You’ll need to change your SSID and password information. Be sure to include at least one satellite prior to you saving your settings.
  • Choose “Advanced”. Click on the “Advanced” Tab and then select the Setup tab. Choose the “Internet” option.
  • On your Internet page, choose Internet Setup and click on the radio option next to the “No” option.
  • If you’re connected to a DSL connection you need to input the PPPoE account username as well as password to continue the configuration. If your internet connection requires the use of a domain name and you need to enter that same information into the Domain Name field.
  • Choose your Internet IP address the two options, namely “Obtain IP address dynamically” as well as “Use static IP address”.
  • Then, choose an address for a domain name server option from two radio buttons, viz “get automatically from ISP” and “Use these DNS servers”.
  • On the final Orbi Netgear Setup Wizard screen, examine the configuration you changed before applying the modifications.

The steps above conclude the Netgear Orbi login process.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How to log in to the Netgear Orbi router?

You can log in to the Netgear Orbi router using some simple steps discussed in this blog above. Make sure you have followed each and every step and use the correct web address to get to the Orbi Netgear login page. Once you have connected your computer to the default router network, use a compatible web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox, edge, or apple safari to reach the setup wizard. You can use the default web address in the address bar and access the login page easily. If you still face issues accessing the Orbi login page, reach out to the team now.

How do I access my Orbi remotely?

You can access the Orbi router remotely once you have added it to the Netgear cloud account. During the time you are setting it up for the first time, you can edit the network settings and also link the Orbi router to the online account. Once added there, you can enable the remote access option to make sure you can log in to the web setup wizard easily.

Now, when you wish to access the Orbi remotely, simply use the orbilogin.com web address and type in the default admin credentials to sign in to the router settings wizard. For more help with the same, you can speak to our representatives online.

What is Orbi’s default login?

The default Orbi Netgear login details can be found mentioned on the product label you find on the rear of the device. You can use the default web address to reach the Orbi login page online at any time. For more help with accessing the Orbi login page, you can always reach out to the team at our end. For a quick reference though, you can use the default IP address or the web address https://orbilogin.net or orbilogin.com as well.

If these web addresses/IP addresses don’t work, you can verify the default IP address details from the Network Settings on your computer. Alternatively, you can also use the Command Prompt to obtain the details. Use the config command to get access to the Orboi login page further.

How do I find my Orbi IP address?

You can locate the default IP address for your Orbi router from the product label on the device. Alternatively, you can obtain these details from the Network Settings and the Command Prompt application on the computer. When you run the command prompt application use the config command and press Enter.

How do I find my Orbi username and password?

The admin username and password details for your Orbi Netgear login can be found on the product label pasted to the rear or bottom of the router. You can use them if you are logging in for the first time ever.

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