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How to make a coffee business plan?

Do you have easy contact, a sense of service, and appreciate coffee’s fragrant and warm world? If you also have business acumen and a taste for entrepreneurial adventure, you have the ideal profile to open your café.

But before embarking on such an adventure, for which you have no doubt taken care to carry out a market study, as you know, you must go through the realization of your coffee business plan.

What is the purpose of this document, which is essential for any project launch? What data do you need to collect to ensure a reliable coffee business plan? How should you write it to convince your future financial partners and suppliers? All the answers, and many other tips, can be found in this article!

What is a coffee business plan, and why is it essential to your project?

You probably know it: the n°1 objective of your business plan is to ensure the financial viability of your project. So, first of all, you will have to ensure that your coffee will be profitable.

Another major interest of the business plan of your café: its realization will force you to look, in detail, at each aspect of your future business. As it is carried out, you will have the opportunity to assess as precisely as possible the means necessary for the proper functioning of the activity and the need for initial financing.

And then your business plan will also be essential to convince the financial partners that you will ask to follow you on the adventure. The bankers, investors, and other public bodies at whose door you will knock will systematically ask to consult this document.

Your café’s business plan will also be a point of reference and will allow you to measure your progress and check whether you are staying on course or whether, on the contrary, you should make some adjustments.

What information to gather to make a coffee business plan

As we mentioned in the preamble to this article, market research is an essential prerequisite for realizing your business plan. Objective: To understand what consumers expect to refine your commercial positioning, set the prices for your consumption, and collect the information necessary to estimate your forecast turnover.

The realization of your coffee business plan implies that you have listed and evaluated the cost of the human needs (employees, service providers) and material (percolator, dishes, furniture, cash register, etc.) necessary for the launch and subsequently for the development of your activity.

In your business plan, you will also evaluate the cost of raw materials, insurance costs, legal assistance, and chartered accountants without forgetting the fixed charges, such as the possible rent. But also electricity, water, telephone, and Internet subscription.

To obtain the best rates and have an estimate that is as precise as possible, we strongly advise you to request quotes from several companies for all these items of expenditure.

The written part of the business plan of your café: its objectives and the essential elements

We tend to think that the strictly financial part we have just discussed takes precedence over the rest. However, the written elements of your business plan are just as essential because it gives the reader the necessary context to interpret the figures and judge their relevance.

In this section, it will indeed be a question of demonstrating to your future partners (we are talking here as much about banks as about suppliers) that you have thought about your project down to the smallest detail. Final objective: to show that you have correctly anticipated the risks inherent in the implementation of your project.

This drafted part of your café’s business plan should allow you to highlight the strengths of your future establishment and contextualize all the figures put forward in the financial tables.

Write a summary of your coffee business plan.

This part of your business plan is also called the executive summary. It makes it possible powerfully and concisely to summarize the advantages of your project to seduce the financial partners you will solicit. Don’t forget to include your financing needs.

Your company description

This section will present your company: legal structure, shareholders and managers, registered office, and location.

This part aims to give the reader a clear vision of the stakeholders with whom he will do business.

The description of the products and services offered by your café

Here, you will present your commercial offer. You will also explain in this section the strong points of your concept and detail the products and services you plan to offer your customers.

The market study of your coffee

This part demonstrates that there is indeed a business opportunity for your coffee project.

You will present the results of your market research and review the competition and the main points of regulation.

The strategy for your coffee project

In this section on your development strategy, you will need to detail how you will have set the prices for your consumption, how you will make yourself known to your customers, and how you will anticipate and manage the risks associated with setting up the project.

Description of operations

Here, you will present the operational organization of your café: opening hours, staff plan, distribution of roles between associates, selected suppliers, etc.

Your cafe’s financial plan

In this part, you will insert the tables mentioned above and present the hypotheses that allowed you to build them.

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