How to Make a Junk Removal Business Succeed

A junk removal business could stand successful if it is managed well. To start a junk removal business, you need a small amount of time and money. Regardless, to make your business successful, you need to build a good reputation, have a busy work schedule, and find clients who can help improve the awareness of your brand and its importance, among others.

Assess the Market 

To start a junk removal business, you need to assess the market. It means researching the current companies in your area and figuring out what kind of competition you will have. You then must select if you want to focus on residential or commercial junk removal or both. Once you know your target market, look at what kind of advertising and pricing strategies your competitors are using. Make sure to also look at any underserved demographics or needs in your area.

  • If there is a dominant player in your market, try to determine why they are so successful. Why do customers seem to trust them more? Once you have an idea of what makes them successful, use that to influence your own business choices.


Franchise vs Start Your Own Business

Should you start your own business or franchise? Franchises have some benefits, like an existing business model, advertising, and branding. They can also help you set up your trucks or give you the option to buy existing ones with branding. But franchises can be expensive initially, and you may have to share part of your profits with the parent company. Weigh these pros and cons before deciding.

  • There are a few prominent companies that do junk removal. They are called franchises. The cost to start one of these businesses can be anywhere from $40,000 to over $200,000.


Have a Business Plan

It would help if you created a business plan to start a business. This document explains how you will begin your company and make money. It would help to begin by stating your objective and explaining what your business will do. It includes what market it will serve, what specialties it has, and more. Then, include research that shows there is room for your type of business in the market. Next, explain your pricing model, start-up costs, marketing strategy, and how you will finance your business.

  • You should price your product based on how much it costs you to make it and how much similar products cost. Add up all your overhead costs (rent, utilities, and employee salaries), then decide how much you will make per unit. From there, you can figure out what the final price should be.
  • You can charge different prices for your junk removal services, depending on how you want to do it. You could charge by weight, by how much space the junk takes up in the truck, or by estimating the job. But remember, these are just estimates; you can always change the price later if you need to.
  • One way to compete with more established companies is to charge less than they do. You may not make as much money this way, but you will get some of their customers.
  • You need to decide if you will use employees or contract labor. It’s essential to understand the laws that define how workers are classified and the laws that affect their relationship with your company.

Focus on Marketing 

You can start by advertising your truck on Craigslist. In your ad, include a picture of your truck or logo to show that you are legitimate. Make sure to provide clients with a phone number or email where they can reach you easily. You should also set up a website so people can learn more about your company.

Remember that how you and your truck look represents your company. Make sure that you appear trustworthy and professional when you arrive at customers’ doors.

Know your Capital

You will need some money to start a junk removal business. This money can come from a bank, credit union, friend, or family member. The Small Business Administration (SBA) can help you get a loan from a bank if you need money to cover the cost of your truck, equipment, marketing efforts, and first few jobs.

  • The first few months could be tough to find enough clients to cover your expenses. Make sure you have a budget that can help you pay your bills in the meantime. 
  • You can also save money by renting a junk removal trunk when needed instead of buying one immediately.

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