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How to Perform Hajj and Umrah

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Seal of the Prophets, his family, his companions, and all the Messengers. This is a brief guide to the teachings of Islam that urge everyone who intends to perform Hajj and Umrah to preserve the environment. The guide also provides
Recommendations to governments and institutions that enable them to prepare a “greener Hajj and Umrah.”
God Almighty says about His servants who are successful in this world and the hereafter:

Green Guide For Hajj:

Preparing a green guide for Hajj, which is part of the “Seven Year Plan for Muslims” on climate change prepared in coordination among the coalition and the United Nations Development Programme, which were presented at the Windsor Conference in 2009.
This alliance helps all major religions around the world develop their own environmental programs, and helps them establish cooperation with
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Organizations concerned with preserving the environment. We hope that you will read this guide well before starting your Hajj or Umrah journey, and we hope that it will help you with it
Good preparation for this trip. We ask God to accept the Hajj and Umrah, our perseverance, and our righteous deeds.
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The Pillar in Islam

The first pillar in Islam is martyrdom, and the testimony is a declaration of faith and the oneness of God Almighty. It follows the other four pillars of Islam
Shahada, which is prayer, fasting, zakat, and pilgrimage, which is the last of the five pillars of Islam

When you perform Hajj, which is the journey of a lifetime, you will definitely be overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts. Why is Hajj so important? too many people
The Hajj is the culmination of their spiritual journey, while for others the Hajj is an opportunity to perform an essential duty of every Muslim.

Why is Hajj so important?

The Hajj journey enables us to get closer to our physical, moral, and spiritual being. From the moment you intend to perform the umrah or hajj, your behavior must reflect your behavior.
Our relationship with God Almighty, through our prayers and our dealings with others and with nature. If we don’t take care of our world, who will take care of it? So I have to
Every Muslim takes care of the environment and the world around him, including animals and plants.
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There is no better time to begin this task than to embark on the most beautiful spiritual journey of your life, as this is a good opportunity to reflect.

Communicating, spending time in prayer, supplications, and meditation.. the time when you have patience and feel for other pilgrims.. the time that manifests itself

In it is your relationship not only with your family or your position in society but with the whole universe, as we are only very small elements in the great kingdom of God.

Although we have no power or strength except with God, God has placed man in a higher rank compared to the rest of his creation.

You may be far from your home when you wander around the honorable Kaaba, but you will inevitably be a guest in the sacred house of God, for the House of God is in front of you, and you cannot
To be in control of the overflowing emotions and joy that fills your heart when you are so close to the Creator Almighty in this sacred spot of the earth.

Imagine for a moment standing in the openness of the honorable Kaaba and the vast sky above you, and the cold marble lands below you, while you are with brothers and sisters who have not
met them before; You all stand together with one goal only, which is to worship God and seek His forgiveness and mercy.

You all stand equal without any distinction between rich and poor.

Or between a superior and a subordinate, you all stand in humility and reverence for the honorable face of God. All human beings are equal with God, regardless of skin color, race, or gender.
Or a person’s social position. The only thing you and the rest of the pilgrims have in common is the love of God and the spiritual journey in His path.

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