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How To Perform Wireless Setup Of Tenda Nova

WiFi Mesh System?

The Tenda Nova is a wireless whole-home mesh system that provides high-speed network signals. The network connectivity of this device is more reliable & very secure. The wireless network coverage is more extended & ultimate. You can seamlessly enjoy the best signal in any corner of the house. This system is the most ideal for replacing traditional Wi-Fi extenders as well as traditional routers. The Tenda Nova WiFi mesh system absolutely provides up to 6,000 sq. ft. whole home coverage with a faster and more stable Wi-Fi mesh network. The Wi-Fi dead zones are banished in your home. With the network connectivity of this device, Also you can enjoy seamless roaming for all the corners of your home. This mesh system works with three units. Every unit of this system perfectly works together for a truly seamless online experience with a single network name and password. 

The Nova wireless mesh system delivers high capacity & complete flexibility. It is powered by MU-MIMO and Beamforming technology that completely provides high-speed network connectivity. The tenda nova installation is not complex, just use the package content and securely install the mesh system. After installing the mesh system, you can access high-speed wireless network signals in your client device.

Spectacular features of the Nova WiFi Mesh System

The Nova wireless whole-home mesh system provides seamless wireless network coverage. At a time, you can connect to up to 90 devices and seamlessly enjoy the wireless network. If you wish to enjoy high-speed wireless network signals then you should know detailed information about the WiFi system. This WiFi system has some features, which are as presented below:

Best & stable network signals in every corner

The tenda wireless mesh system provides high-speed network signals. The network connectivity is reaching a hard-to-reach area. The mesh technology is equipped in this system that completely delivers wireless networks in every corner of your home. The wireless network is most ideal for your whole home. You can easily replace traditional Wi-Fi range extenders as well as wireless routers and install this system. This system delivers wireless signals of up to 6,000 sq. ft. The whole home network coverage is faster and very stable with the mesh network. If you install this system in your home, then its range goes to every corner of your house and you can easily enjoy wireless signals.

Seamless roaming 

The nova wireless system works with 3 units. Each of its units is very powerful and strong so that you can enjoy seamless roaming in your home. Every unit of this WiFi system works together for a truly seamless online experience with a single password & network name(SSID). Most WiFi-enabled devices automatically connect to the strongest AP node when moving around your home. The signal’s LED indicator light is built-in on this system that accurately provides the status of the WiFi system. This light is usually more useful for the WiFi system user. 

High capacity & complete flexibility

The Nova mesh WiFi system works with MU-MIMO & Beamforming networking technology. This technology is very latest & high. The Mu-MIMO technology allows multiple devices to access the network at the same time. If you have many devices in your house and they have to access network connectivity, then you can easily access the network with this device. Because the MU-MIMO technology is built-in in this WiFi system. Additionally, the beamforming technology is also built-in in this WiFi system. This technology automatically enables a 5GHz network & absolutely delivers amplified wireless network signals. 

Secure WiFi network 

The wireless network signals of the Nova WiFi system are more secure. Because the WPA2-PSK high security is built-in in this system. This security is very high & perfect. With this security, the WiFi system is more secure. But for this, you can enable this security. You can use the default IP or this system. Then, visit the wireless setting and select the security option. Then, you can quickly enable the security & properly protect the WiFi system.

Perform Wireless Setup Of Tenda Nova WiFi Mesh System

The WiFi system is more compatible with the mobile phone. So you can remotely operate your WiFi system using a mobile phone and enjoy network connectivity. If you wish to perform the tenda mesh wifi system setup without Ethernet cable then you can easily perform it. For this, you can install the Tenda WiFi app. 

To install the app, you ensure the WiFi network in your mobile phone. If the WiFi network is not available on your mobile phone then you can connect it by using the network password. You can visit the mobile phone setting and select the network option. In the password field as well as you can enter the password and properly connect the WiFi system to the network connectivity.

Now, you can use the WiFi system manual and find the QR code. Then, by using the mobile phone camera, you can scan this QR code. Furthermore, you can also install the App by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After installing the app, you can open this app and sign in to the account with a username & password. You can tap the add device option and p[roperly add the nova wifi system in this App. After connecting the WiFi system in the app, you can visit the setting. In the setting, you can wireless perform the setup in a quick way. This is the easiest way to perform the wireless setup.

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