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How To Perform Xbox 360 Device Setup

With Amplifi Alien Router?

In today’s time, every child is game addicted. Playing the game refreshes the mind as well as sharpens the mind. There are many latest technology games coming out which are a lot of fun to play such as Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Game Boy/Color. Really want to play the Xbox 360 gaming console then network connectivity is necessary. If the network connectivity is not available then this device is not working and you cannot play the game. If you search for such a network device that completely supports gaming devices then you can install Amplifi Alien router. Because it comes along with four Gigabit Ethernet ports. Then you can easily connect your gaming device to the network connectivity. Then network signals are strong, flexible, & more reliable. 

The 802.11ac network technology is equipped in this networking router that entirely enhances the wireless signals. With this technology, the network signals are faster & faster. You can easily access better coverage with this router. If you wish to change the password of this router then you can access the amplifi login page. Because without this page, you cannot change the password. Then, by using the IP address you can log in to the account.

Incredible features of Amplifi Alien Router

The Amplifi wireless network router provides high-speed network connectivity. Additionally, the colorful touch-screen display is built-in in this router. Then, you can easily operate the router. There are some incredible features of this wireless router. You need to know this feature before using the device. 

Faster speed & better network coverage

The Amplifi WIFi router provides faster network speed and better network coverage because the 802.11ac latest technology is built-in. The 11ac technology absolutely enhances the wireless network signals. Using its network connectivity, you can play seamless gaming as well as stream HD video. If you play gaming with another router then you get disturbed by buffering signals. Your all devices stay connected with the network connectivity of this network router. At a time, you can enjoy wireless signals on multiple devices. Moreover, the network coverage is faster & better. The wireless signals reach in 10,000 sq. ft. area. Then, within the 10,000 sq. ft range, you can easily enjoy seamless network connectivity without facing weak signals. 

Easy-to-use with a touchscreen display

The use of the Alien WiFi router is simple & very easy. Because the touchscreen display is built-in in this router. Then, you can easily operate the router without using any browser. If you wish to configure the wireless setting to amplify the network range then you can turn ON the router with the power button. After that, you can simply touch the screen and easily operate the router in a quick manner. These are the simple ways to quickly operate the router. 

Optimum for wired device 

The 4 Gigabit Ethernet port is built-in on the back panel of the wireless router. As soon as you look at the back panel then you will find out the Gigabit Ethernet port. If you have a wired device, then this device easily accesses the network connectivity through this port. But to make the connection an Ethernet cable is required. Just plug the cable into an available port and promptly make the connection. 

Perform Xbox 360 Device Setup With Amplifi Alien Router

If you wish to enjoy the Xbox gaming console with the network connectivity of the Amplifi WIFi router then you should perform the setup. With amplifi.lan you can easily perform the setup in a quick manner. But before setting up a network you should connect the gaming device to the router. You can connect the gaming console in 2 ways. 

  • Wired connection
  • Wireless connection

Wired connection with Ethernet cable

You can easily connect your gaming device to the network by using a wired connection. You can place the gaming near the wireless router. Then, you will find out the Ethernet port. This port is available on the back panel. Then you can smoothly plug the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet port of your gaming device & wireless router. After that, you can connect the power into the power connector and turn ON the device. Now, your gaming device is completely connected to the network, and enjoy the gaming console. 

Wireless connection with a password

You can also connect your gaming console to the network by using the password. In this connection, you cannot need any cable & wire. You can turn ON the gaming console and visit the setting. Then, you can select the network column. In this column, you can enter the password for your wireless router. After that, click the connect option. Now, your device is surely connected to the network connectivity.

Perform network setup Amplifi Alien Router

To amplify the wireless network signals, you can open the web browser on your computer device. In the search field, you can enter the IP address. Then, you visit the login page and insert the login password & log in to the account. In the setting of this router, you can configure the setting. You configure the network & wireless channel to entirely amplify the wireless signals. After that, the network signals enhance and you enjoy a seamless gaming console.

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