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How to Pick a Dedicated Development Team?

Hiring a dedicated team is a great idea to build a robust, cutting-edge product while staying mobile in business decisions.

In other words, teamwork is the contributing factor that makes the vision a reality. The same happens when you want to build a digital product or software for your business. You need a dedicated software development team to make your dream work. 

So, how can you make a dedicated team of developers? In this post, you’ll find the answer to this question. As you read on, you’ll discover the important factors that you must consider while choosing the team of developers. 

As soon as you start looking to hire a mobile app development company, you get inundated with a plethora of quotations. Every development firm claims to be the best, and if you don’t know what traits make up a great development team, you may face obstacles throughout the development process. So, let’s take an overview of what a development team is and how to pick the right one.

What is a dedicated software development team?

A development team is a group of tech specialists who work together on development projects for SMEs and large enterprises. Dedicated teams are tech specialists who are hired from IT vendors such as a mobile & web app development company to do a specific job. A standard development team consists of:


Business Analysts

BAs are responsible for assessing project requirements, user data, and analytics. They offer suggestions to business owners and help businesses in improving their processes, products, and software by aligning the strategic vision and project requirements with technical details. 

Project Manager

Their main role is to manage the team and handle the whole project. PMs are intermediates between the development team and the client. They are responsible for managing, tracking the progress of the project, and meeting the client’s deadlines. 

Software developers

They are tech enthusiasts or software engineers who have a vast knowledge of relevant programming languages and frameworks. They might be front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers who are responsible for building software products including websites, web applications, mobile apps, or other digital products. 


Designers at the best web designing company are responsible for creating responsive, interactive web and mobile app designs. They use advanced design tools to make sure the product is visually appealing and user-friendly. 

Quality Assurance experts

The role of QA enters the scene after the development and designing part is done. They make sure the quality of software products such as mobile apps and websites by conducting testing and eliminating bugs in the products.  

Software Architects

They make high-level decisions throughout the research and discovery phase. Software Architects are highly-skilled developers who determine the right tech stack and the coding standards for any project. 

Why do you need to have a dedicated team for your development project?

The most important reason is that the success or failure of your project depends on choosing the right development team. They are people who will turn your concept into a reality, thus they must have some special characteristics.

Similarly, whatever product you want to build by employing a development team, that product should compete in today’s competitive business industry. Therefore, you’ll need a development staff that’s not simply committed but have the skill set that will make you stand out from the competition.

Factors to consider when choosing the software development team

Well Rounded Skills and Experience 

Having the right skillset and experience is very crucial for the success of any project. If the team doesn’t have well-rounded skills, then it might not work out for your project. Therefore, look for the skill set and experience when choosing a development team. And, ensure that the team has the capacity to provide the solution you are looking for. 

But, how could you know if the team has the required skill set? Well, you can identify working dynamics and standards by communicating with the team. 

Effective communication and Team Spirit

In today’s agile world of development, team spirit and effective communication are inevitable. You can use specific project management tools to effectively communicate with the development team. It would help developers in making the right decisions for your project. So, choose the high-spirited team with excellent communication skills. 

Tools and Methodologies

The development team should be proficient in using the project management tools such as Zira, Trello, and Zoho. Software development companies should establish the right tools and methodologies so that developers can provide the best results. There should also be improved options for status reviewing tools and CRM tracking tools, depending on the demands of the project.

Right Organizational Structure

The efficiency of any team can be measured with the right leadership and overall organizational structure. Even if the team consists of highly skilled developers, if it is not led by the technical lead or an experienced project manager then the project is likely to fail. 

A project manager’s job is to guide and help the team throughout the development project by using strong organizational, technical, and leadership abilities. You can get a better understanding of the team’s workflow by staying in touch with the project managers or team leads. 


Cost-effectiveness is another most important factor to consider. Choosing a cost-effective development team is a long-term investment in your business. Working with a committed and efficient development team and successfully completing your project boosts your business efficiency and income.

How to hire the right development team?

Hiring a dedicated team that is highly experienced needs some preparation.  

Do the Market Research 

The first task is to conduct market research for finding the custom software development company for your project. You can start searching from review platforms such as Clutch, Manifest, GoodFirms who are specialized in ranking mobile app development companies based on different metrics. 

These platforms collect data such as the company’s portfolio, tech stack, client reviews, hour rates, etc. So, you can visit these platforms to find the top software development companies for your business project.

Check the Reviews

Make sure to study the company’s reviews carefully before choosing the dedicated team. You can check reviews of other clients about the services of companies on different platforms such as GoodFirms, Manifest, Clutch, IT Firms, etc. to understand what difficulties the team faced during the development phase and how the cooperation between the company and the client went. 

Look through the Portfolio

Every development firm has a portfolio with previous projects. Go through the company’s portfolio to check their launched products. It will help you know about the Company’s expertise and give you a complete picture of what the vendor is. 

Protect your Project Idea

When deploying a dedicated team, three legal pillars protect your data:

A non-disclosure agreement 

This agreement guarantees that the data you share with the vendor for product development will be protected. Vendors must sign the NDA to safeguard your business idea, industry field, and other crucial information. 

Master Services Agreement

The fundamental contract signed by vendors to keep protected intellectual property rights, payment conditions, and dispute resolution.

The Statement of Work

This agreement covers aspects of the project such as specific terms and circumstances of a project, such as billing type, timeline, project delivery, and so on.

The Final Word

A dedicated and efficient development team brings value to your business. Working with a competent and experienced team allows you to design a robust and high-quality product to outperform your competition and accelerate your business growth. So, do proper market research and study the reviews to hire the right development team so that you can achieve scalability and reliability for your project. It will help save your time, development cost, and maximize your revenue.

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