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How to play the Ring of Pain?

The topic of discussion today is how to play the ring of pain game. This is a story-based card game. First and foremost, you should be aware of the Ring of Pain narrative.

You begin the story by conversing with a terrifying yellow-colored monster. Then you’re sent to a dungeon, where you must navigate mazes that lead to areas where you must battle various powerful monsters. This was a high-level review of the Ring of Pain story.


Monsters: These creatures will attack you, and you can obtain their souls by killing them. In this game, souls serve as a type of cash. I’d advise you to kill as many monsters as you can.

Mimic: These are treasure chests filled with fantastic treasure for your quest. Weapons, armor, boots, scrolls, and spells, among other things Some mimics must be fed souls in order to open. The greater loot is in the mimic that requires souls, which is why killing creatures is advised.

Treasure: These have the same behavior as mimics. They do not, however, require souls, unlike mimics.

Shuffle: You can shuffle cards in the middle of combat with this tool. You can utilize shuffle to receive better cards if you have a bad card set this time around.

Potions are available in two sizes: small and large. If you’ve ever played Pokemon, you’ll understand how important potions are, and the same is true here. These can be particularly useful if you are in poor health.
Stat boosters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Attack, defense, clarity, speed, crit, and dodge are all important aspects of the game. Dodge allows you to deflect an attack. Crit allows you to do a lot of damage. Clarity also increases the chances of receiving souls.

In this game, the purpose of a match is to complete the ring of pain. You will be placed in a maze and must locate the exit gate. That gate will lead you to a unique room with a surprise waiting for you. It wouldn’t be much fun if you already know.

Let us now discuss the ring of pain rooms. After completing the maze, you will arrive at the ring of agony rooms, which is the final room.

You’ll come across 14 different types of rooms.

  1. Ambush
  2. Fountain of Life
  3. Burial grounds
  4. Dark for days
  5. The shine of neglect
  6. Ravaged
  7. Instability
  8. Reprieve
  9. Crossroads
  10. Patience
  11. A careful maneuver
  12. Companions
  13. Sacrificial shrine
  14. Volatile


The only thing this chamber has going for it is that you’re put in a room with five monsters and no potions or anything.

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Fountain of Life:

Heals 8 health for a -1 maximum HP penalty.

Burial grounds:

For a newbie, this is a little tougher than ambush because here is the first spot where a plague bringer would spawn.

Dark for days:

In this room, things rapidly got heated. Aside from the Quick Descent Achievement, defeating those very tough creatures won’t get you much.

The Shine of Neglect:

By clicking on this shrine, you will suffer an 80 percent reduction in a stat. It will pick a stat at random, so be ready.


Sam is a guy you meet. Assassinate him and seize his throne.


Because of the sheer amount of monsters and their levels, this is the most challenging level.


“Nest of owls,” to quote one statement.


There are several special room exits and one standard exit at the intersection. Usually, a good option to select.


With only 7 enemies, this is the second easiest level.

A careful maneuver:

The term implies that you should use caution. In this room, there are a lot of explosions. As a result, it’s best not to relocate.


There are a number of friendly animals here who will not harm you. But no one is stopping you from torturing them for the sake of a few lost souls, but you’ll be labeled callous if you do.


In the last one, land mines were used, but in this one, the creatures themselves explode.

Now that you’ve grasped the ring of pain story, let’s look at some Ring Of Pain tips and tricks you should be aware of.

Health can also be used as a form of payment. You must incur more injury in order to gain more souls. For instance, if your soul was hit for 3 HP, you would be worth three soul points. The phrase “soul points” was coined by fans.

The game figures out how much money you have. Everything, including your health and abilities.

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This was a tutorial on how to play the Ring of Pain, as well as some ring of pain tips and tactics. Stay tuned for more updates.

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