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How To Pregnancy Fits For 2022?

After getting married becoming a mother is the next blissful thing that happens in a woman’s life. Along with the excitement of having a child, many responsibilities come along. It is said that when a child is in the womb, they can sense everything. But while a mother is going through the phase of pregnancy, she undergoes many big challenges. Mostly, mood swings and a change in their physical appearance make them more clingy. Except for her, nobody else can feel the emotion she goes through. Meanwhile, if on some occasion or any wedding comes on the way. The problem of styling themselves starts as they are not able to fit in their older clothes. And the reality is, buying new heavy clothes for every other occasion is also not possible, because of changes in their size.

In the world of fashion, from off-shoulder dresses to backless and every pattern has come. Available for every age group and in all sizes. Clothes are available in every brand.

But what about pregnant women?

No such store is there where you can find clothes, especially for them. Amidst the stock of garments, you may find few clothes for them. Now slowly, people have started to realize the need for these garments that are necessary and still missing. But since this day celebs are coming out to the public and finding various ways to show their baby bump. Their designers have created special clothing for them, which also appear to be comfortable. And now others have started to accept revealing as well as bodycon clothes.

Culture vs Trend

In earlier times, the culture was of wearing loose petticoats, or saree as they don’t harm the baby bump. But people who were not having proper knowledge wore tight-fitting clothes. It affects your health indirectly. During this time you should wear comfortable clothes, that help your body breathe properly. It is a must that along with your brain your body also stays in a comfort zone.

But as time is changing so is the culture. Now people are more aware of their health. The problem was a lack of knowledge. Social media and newspapers have helped a lot of people in learning the pros and cons. Today, the trend is different, mothers are taking precautions,  and promoting clothes that are best for both mother and baby. During this period, it is also said that the mother too takes a new birth, and her body is as fragile as a newborn.

We all are aware of the sensational figure Alia Bhatt, who is about to become a mother. All the paparazzi, are loving the way she is carrying herself. Everyone is going crazy about her maternity clothes. She was spotted wearing an Anarkali, jacket, wrap dress, ruffles tops, and many more. Now many options are available where you can have party wear yet simple clothes.

Choosing the right fabric for pregnancy.

Several fabrics are there in the market. But don’t you agree that not every fabric is suitable especially during pregnancy? During this period women may experience many skin-related allergies. We have a collection of fabrics that will suit you best.

You Are Beautiful Even With A Bump.

Many women feel a bit uncomfortable with a bump. The first step before starting your journey is to accept yourself. You don’t need to hide under baggy jeans or oversized clothes. No wonder they are a comfortable choice. But occasionally if you wish to wear fitting clothes opt for solid colors and patterns. Or you can pick adjustable waistline clothes. Adding some extra length to your apparel will help you hide your bump, along with style. Wearing patterns like vertical striped clothes will make you look slimmer and taller. Another way to add a little glam is to wear printed clothes. Many people these days prefer wearing digital print clothes. They come in a variety of options, recently Rajasthani prints, face or structured prints, and many others.


During this time you should wear the best quality clothes. And they are made with strong and stretchy fiber so that it adapts to your growing body. Satin, cotton, modal, linen, georgette, and bamboo are advised as the best fabrics, because of their breathable and soft nature. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes as they produce heat on your skin. And also fabrics that have a hard texture or with heavy work.

Breathtaking Fabrics


This fabric is popular for its versatile qualities and sustainability. It is also color-resistance, and suitable for all skin types and more. You can wear it all year round. Especially in summer, it keeps your skin fresh and comfy. Its various pastel prints and colors give you a lively feel and a perfect look for every occasion. Except for Kurti, suits, sarees, scarves, bed sheets, handbags, and many more items are available. Along with the body, it is necessary to pay attention to your surroundings also.


It is known as the far most durable and cooler fiber than cotton. Likewise, it is best for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. It can be worn in any weather. This fabric is more popular in men’s clothing, upholstery, and home decor items like curtains, table cloth, and many more.

Be in trend along with your newborn.


It is the best fabric for your beautiful journey, giving you a luxurious look. To give you a sheer style it is best for winters and summers. The advantage of wearing a satin dress is that its soft texture, makes you feel comfortable and confident. reserved Update your style to look sassy on every occasion. This fabric comes out with a glare and gives a shiny look.


A fabric originally made from silk, but it can also be made from polyester, rayon, or viscose. It has a bouncy drape and allows your skin to breathe in any season. The trend today is of wearing dresses made of this fabric. Like Alia Bhatt, you can too create your own ruffle top out of it.

Getting bored?

Why Don’t You Design Your Own Clothes?

You may be having ideas for your own clothes. Take inspiration from anywhere you want and start designing. And later on customize your designs with prints, dyes or any other pattern you like. Moreover, if you need a fabric, feel free to contact us for any guidance. Cherrish for what you have and style yourself with varied styles.

To make your pregnancy period smooth and comfy we are here to help you select the perfect fabric. Fabriclore is a place where you can expand your knowledge about fabrics. It is the leading fabric manufacturer in India. Providing its customers with high-quality and sustainable products. We provide our services in India, USA, UK, and Canada. Working with independent artisans, local boutiques, and manufacturers all over India. Each fabric is made under the supervision of our skilled members. Above all, it adds the flavor of creating a social impact on society. Its fabric manufacturing and packaging are both environmentally friendly. We sell wholesale fabric as well as retail quantities and prices. If you need any help in styling clothes, our skilled in-house designers will assist you with everything.

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