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How To Prioritise Studies With Dissertation Writing!


Education is the key to opening the door to a bright future. Your final year can be the most challenging at the higher education level. Here you have to deal with dissertation writing and other coursework simultaneously. Every coursework has its importance. If you face difficulty in managing everything, you can find the solution to your problem.

Why do we need to prioritise our Studies?

Following are some reasons because of which we need to prioritise our studies:

  • Easy to cope with any task
  • Save time
  • Save energy
  • You can manage dissertation writing
  • Shape up bright future
  • Develop management skills
  • Saves from failures

How do you prioritise as a Student?

As a student, you can prioritise your studies and dissertation writing differently. Let’s have a look at a set of tips for study prioritisation.

  • Time Management

Time management is the key for students who want to prioritise their studies with dissertation writing. As a student, you have to see how you are spending your current time. Note down activities and tasks that you perform daily. Now, replace all the unproductive work with your academic task. Design a proper schedule to manage your dissertation writing and all other subjects.

  • Weightage of Each Task

Another way to prioritise your studies is to give weightage to each task in terms of evaluation. Your dissertation writing goes side by side. At the same time, you have to see a list of subjects and their assigned tasks. Note down how much marks’ weightage each assignment has for such tasks. For example, you have three assignments in one week. These assignments include the following weightage:

  • Numericals of applied physics – 10 marks
  • Biography writing – 5 marks
  • Lab report writing- 8 marks

Also, you have to do dissertation writing in the same week. Now start working on an assignment on applied physics. As this assignment has more marks, it is more important. For a student, his marks are everything. Try to solve your assignment in the morning. After making the assignment, take some rest and then write a dissertation. On the next day, start lab report writing.

In the same way, you have to prioritise your subjects based on their credit hours. Focus on a subject that has more credit hours. In case of any issue, you can buy a dissertation online.

  • Deadline of Task

Before weightage, you have to follow the deadline of each task. If you have the time of one week for all assignments, you must follow the criteria of weightage. Other than that, you must follow deadlines. A particular assignment may have the lowest marks, but you must complete that assignment first if its deadline is near. As a student, it matters a lot to meet the deadlines. Only those students can make worth in the eyes of a professor who complete their tasks on time.

  • Avoid Distractions

You are now in your final year, where you are supposed to spend time in dissertation writing and other subjects. You must have to show some responsibility at this senior level. Whatever distraction you have near you, try to remove that. Dissertation writing is not a simple task at all. You have to evaluate everything critically.

In the same way, it is necessary to clear other semester subjects. If you fail in any single subject, you will not have your degree. So keep all these things in your mind and avoid distraction. In the presence of distractions, you cannot prioritise studies with dissertation writing. Your phone or laptop can be a distraction for you. If all your books are in hard form, you must shut down your phone and laptop while studying. If you have to use a laptop for soft-form material, close all the irreverent tabs and mute notifications.

  • Eisenhower Matrix

If you are still confused about prioritisation, you must try the Eisenhower Matrix. It is a tool that most university students use. This tool is not less than a blessing for you, especially when you have to accomplish dissertation writing and all other subjects simultaneously. Here you have to prioritise each subject based on its importance and deadline. In this matrix, you have to make four quadrants in the following manner:

  • Important as well as an urgent task
  • Important but not urgent task
  • Not important but urgent task
  • Neither important nor urgent

Let’s have a look at each quadrant.

  • Important as well as an Urgent Task

All the subjects and assignments with high weightage and short deadlines are part of this quadrant. You are supposed to keep a high focus on all tasks part of this quadrant. In the same way, your dissertation writing is also a part of this quadrant sometimes.

  • Important but not Urgent Task

There can be many subjects and tasks in the education field that have more time in submission, but they are important. They are part of the second quadrant. The best example is dissertation writing. For this, you have the time of the whole year. In the case of subject and task, you can consider an example of a Complex Engineering Problem. Teachers assign such tasks at the start of the semester, although you have to submit them at the end of the semester.

  • Not Important but Urgent Task

You may have to face many tasks that have very low weightage, but they are important to do. Whenever a professor assigns some task, you have to do that if it is important or not. Spend as much less time as you can. Do not drag such work at all. Save your time to utilise it in dissertation writing.

  • Neither Important nor Urgent

Skip the work whenever you have to deal with an unimportant and un-urgent task.

Final Thoughts

Now you have to see which tips are easy to follow for you. By following these tips, you can effectively manage your studies with dissertation writing.


Hey, I’m Susan Wray, a professional author at The Academic Papers UK, based in London, UK. I’m always ready to provide students with unique, high-quality, reliable, and the best dissertation writing services UK. I’m happy to share his insights with a wide audience, so don’t miss the chance to expand your horizons.

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