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How to Protect Expensive Furniture during the Household Move

Relocating to another location is a stressful job. For this, you may want to take the help of professional movers and packers, or else you may fall into depression while doing so. The priority lies in protecting all the valuables that you may want to send away through transportation. This includes a lot of things such as electronic gadgets, furniture, expensive clothes, kitchen items, etc.

Even though the bulky and robust furniture may not seem fragile, but a simple scratch can leave a dent in your heart. Some people are overly attached to their furniture that they treat it very carefully. All this is because they may have some stories or beautiful memories attached to these things. Most people are conscious about their furniture as they are quite expensive and just a small scratch can lower their value instantly.

This is what most people worry about while relocating.

Will the packers and mover shift the items carefully?

How are they going to pack and move the things so that they don’t end getting damaged?

What if something breaks down during the shift?

All these, and many more, questions may haunt you while the relocation is taking place. It is quite natural to worry about them. But worrying will not make things easier for you. You will have to take certain steps to ensure the safety of the items. In an attempt to help you plan a safe relocation for your expensive furniture, we bring you some tips. Follow them closely, and you will find it easier to get the relocation of your furniture done smoothly. Have a look at them.

Tips to Protect Expensive Furniture during the Household Move

We all love our things. Our is a complete package of everything that is close to us, that has been added to our household after great consideration. Isn’t that so? Even if it is a trinket that you buy, you spend a lot of thought in getting one. So, when the time comes for you to decide what to throw and what to keep, you feel perplexed.

The same may not be the case with the furniture, as the cost may make you stop and think at least twice before you give them to someone else. Don’t worry, as we know how important your furniture is to you, and how dearly you want them to reach the location safely. So, here are a few tips that will help you plan a safe relocation of your furniture across the city or country. Check them out!

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List of Packing Materials Required

It is said that the packing decides how well your belongings will reach their destination. It is the packing that makes you feel more comfortable. Today there are so many new methods to prepare furniture. Even though the furniture is bulky, still you need to pack them properly. Some of the best items that can help you pack things up are plastic stretch wraps or shrink wrap for preventing the furniture from scratches. During the relocation, these products can help you wrap them easily and this becomes the first line of packing.

Next, you pack the furniture, especially the sides with the cardboard boxes, securing it with the packing tapes. To pack different types of furniture, you need to have the following items:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Sofa & mattress covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Padding supplies,
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets, and
  • Heavy-duty packing tape

You will get all these items from a wholesale market and get them all before the moving day. Here you will get them at cheaper rates. Packing your furniture systematically, using these items, adds an extra layer of protection. Even if it is handled poorly, it may not leave any dent or scratch on the furniture. But with packing material of poor-quality, there is no guarantee for your furniture. So, get the best quality packing materials to ensure their safety.

Once you make sure that the items are covered with adequate materials, you rest peacefully and ensure that all your items will reach the destination carefully.

Prepare the Furniture for Packing

Professional packers and movers take great care in packing the items, whether big or small. As they know how difficult it is to maintain the beauty of any product, and a speck of dirt is enough to lower the value of the furniture. So, if you have time in your hands, before the packers and movers arrive, ensure that you clean the surface of the bulky, expensive items with a microfiber cloth. You can also use surface disinfectants to take care of the germs and viruses.

After that, you can cover them with shrink wrap or any other alternative. Also make sure if there are any movables, you must dismantle them patiently and carefully. If possible, keep them in zip-lock bags with proper labels. You can also use bubble wrap to cover them up and then seal them with packing tape.

Disassembling the Furniture

Furniture is often made of two-three parts. They can be more. You can check it out or call any professional for disassembling it. This will help you fit your furniture in a small space and is easy to carry. So, you don’t have to worry about dropping them. So, by disassembling them, you can remove the damage factor from the equation.

For that, you will have to read the manual book, for a better understanding of how to do it properly. You can take the picture of the following steps to ensure that you don’t forget what goes after what.


Next, you have to take care of the wrapping. If you have all the packing items, it will be easy to deal with the steps efficiently. Use a plastic wrap or merely go for a blanket. To give the outer covering, they will do a good job. Remember that it’s the packing that decides in what shape the items will reach their destination. The mirror and the sides of the furniture should be dealt with carefully so, it will be best if you could hire a professional packer and mover in Delhi.

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