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How to Recover Your Lost Data from ASUS Laptop?

ASUS is one of the leading and popular for its design, user-friendly function, and security. However, a lot of ASUS laptop users are experiencing file deletion issues or lost essential files from their laptops. 

Probably, a laptop contains most of the project files, presentation files, balance sheets, and other essential data. But, losing important data can create a very devastating moment. Even accidental deletion of files can knock on the door at any time. There could be multiple reasons for data loss, including non-update Windows, virus attack, accidental formatting, BSOD errors, damages, or dead laptop. Doesn’t matter – what is the case. You can easily restore lost or accidentally deleted data from the ASUS laptop. 

So, if you’re an ASUS laptop user and you accidentally lost your important files, you’re probably looking for different methods of data recovery and laptop repair services for bringing the deleted files back. Don’t worry, you’re at the right place! 

By reading the following write-up, you’ll get to know everything about ASUS laptop recovery files with step-by-step guidelines. 

Table of Content

A Brief Introduction Over ASUS Data Recovery

Methods to Restore Lost Data on ASUS Laptop

1: Get Data Back Through Data Recovery Software

2: Restore Files from Recycle Bin in ASUS Laptop

3: Recover Deleted Files from the Previous Version in ASUS

4. Bring Deleted Data Back Through Backup and Restore

5: Turn to Data Recovery Technicians

Overall Takeaway!

A Brief Introduction Over ASUS Data Recovery

As mentioned above, ASUS is a well-renowned brand and has gained great momentum across the world. Since data loss becomes a major issue on various devices, there is no exception that data loss cases are also arising among ASUS users. If you’re experiencing sudden data loss problems on your ASUS device and thinking about recovering it, the data recovery software, a professional technician, and other techniques can assist in recovering your data. So, let’s choose one method according to your needs to restore lost data on your ASUS computer.

Methods to Restore Lost Data on ASUS Laptop

There are four ASUS data recovery methods that are best for different situations. By using them, you’ll be able to recover deleted, formatted, or lost data on your ASUS computers or external storage devices. 

1. Get Data Back Through Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is a simple and straightforward method to retrieve data from ASUS devices. There is numerous data recovery software that is exclusively designed for ASUS devices. However, while choosing one, make sure it’s fully compatible with your ASUS laptop. Accidental deletion, formatting, emptying recycle bin, corrupt hard disk, non-update hard disk, virus attacks – all these reasons for data loss can be easily resolved through a reliable and secure tool. A data recovery software can easily restore file types, such as audio files, pictures, documents, videos, emails, and other file types. Here are the following steps for retrieving data through software:

  • Install data recovery software and open it to locate the deleted files. 
  • Click “Scan” to start for deleted data.
  • Once the scan is completed, the data recovery software will display a list of deleted files as they get detected. 
  • Now, choose the lost files you want to recover and click “Recover” for retrieving those files. However, choose a different location for saving the data. 

2. Restore Files from Recycle Bin in ASUS Laptop

A true fact is that deleted files always first go to the “Recycle Bin”. The icon stores the files temporarily on your laptop. A click on the “Delete” button will send the files to the “Recycle Bin”. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can recover them easily from the “Recycle Bin”. Here are the following steps to recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin on your ASUS computer:

  • Open “Recycle Bin” and locate the deleted files you want to recover. 
  • Once you become successful in finding the files, right-click the selected files.
  • Now, choose the “Restore” option from the drop-down box. And, your files will restore to their original location from the Recycle Bin.

3. Recover Deleted Files from the Previous Version in ASUS

If you’ve already taken the backup of your files, you can easily recover all your deleted files from your ASUS computer. However, if you didn’t have to create any backup, ASUS data recovery software is an excellent option. So, let’s have a look at the following steps to recover files through Previous versions:

  • Click the “This PC” icon and find the file folder that you want to use for storing your deleted or lost files.
  • Right-click on the selected folder and select Properties>Previous Versions.
  • Now, choose an earlier version before the day or moment you deleted files from it
  • Finally, click “Restore” to get data back.

4. Bring Deleted Data Back Through Backup and Restore

Have you ever thought about restoring your data through Backup and Restore? Creating a backup of your data will protect you from such conditions of losing your data permanently. Unforeseen situations can occur at any time. Hence, involving yourself with backup habits won’t let you fall under such circumstances. So, how to retrieve data through Backup & restore. Let’s find out:

  • Type “Control Panel” on the search bar and visit the “System and Security” section. You’ll find a “Backup and Restore” option in this segment. 
  • After clicking on  “Backup and Restore”, choose “Restore” for retrieving files. 
  • Now, move to the original location to check out whether the lost files were restored or not now.

5: Turn to Data Recovery Technicians

The other essential method of recovering data from your laptop is to hire data recovery professionals from an ASUS repair centre. The reason for losing important files could be malfunctions, mechanical problems, human errors, and virus attacks, etc. Regardless of the reason, a laptop repair professional will ensure that your whole data will safely recover from a damaged ASUS laptop.

These laptop repair technicians are well-recognised for high-quality services, a great reputation, positive feedback, reliable tools, software, professional techniques. They have reliable solutions at affordable data recovery costs. These professionals will first diagnose the problem and apply the most authentic solution, depending on the version. 

Overall Takeaway!

All our above-mentioned are reasonable to recover data from ASUS laptops. The Methods 3rd and 4th are quite limited. Whereas, Method 1 and Method 5 are the most steady in most of the data loss situations. Therefore, relying on professionals won’t only retrieve deleted data on laptops but also provide full satisfaction over services. For example, iDevice Repair Centre offers services on laptop repair in Singapore – doesn’t matter what model or brand you’re holding up!

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