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How to Resolve Orbi App Not Working Issue?

With an increasing number of users now shifting to the mobile platform, the need for developers to keep their apps updated at all times has taken hold. Users have started ditching the manual, complex and lengthy setup procedures and want something that consumes lesser time and delivers more productivity. Netgear Orbi in this league has come up with the Netgear Orbi app for their Orbi router series.

Enabling users to access their Orbi routers and managing the features using the same is easier with the app. However, with the Orbi app not working like issues taking a toll on the overall productivity, having access to important troubleshooting steps is important. This blog will walk you through the easy steps to troubleshoot the Orbi app not working issue in no time. You will find complete details on resolving the Orbi app not connecting to the router and like issues effortlessly.

Troubleshooting Orbi App not working issue

There are several reasons why the Orbi app won’t work or connect to your wifi router. This section will walk you through steps to eliminate the issue in no time.

Restart your smartphone

If the smartphone that you are using has developed issues with its functioning, you will find trouble accessing the Orbi app. Issues with the RAM or some other factors can bring about complications with the smartphone device. You can try restarting the same to see if that helps resolve the issue. Once the smartphone is back up and running, you can try accessing the Orbi app again.

Check the date and time on your smartphone

Applications like Orbi work by syncing real-time to the regional clock. If you are roaming and the smartphone shows the time for some other region, while you are in another, the app will have issues functioning. Keep the time and date on your smartphone updated so such issues do not arise. You can change the same by accessing the device settings. Also, enable the auto-sync for these settings so you don’t have to manually change the date and time settings every time.

Update the App

If the smartphone restart doesn’t help resolve the ‘Orbi App Not working issue, you can look for Orbi app updates by visiting the device’s app store. If you are using an Android smartphone, you can look for Orbi app updates in the Google Play Store. If you are on the iOS platform, visit the Apple App Store to update the app. Once the respective app page opens up, look for the Update option. If there’s an update available, tap on the Update button and proceed with the same.

Once the app is updated, you can reboot your smartphone once again.

Update Smartphone Software

If updating the Orbi app doesn’t help resolve issues with the app functioning, you can look for the updates to the smartphone software. Update software versions can limit the smartphone app functionality and make the apps malfunction. You can visit the smartphone Settings wizard and look for the System Update option.

If the update’s available, you can download and install the same. Once done, relaunch the Orbi app and see if it is working now.

Force Stop the Orbi App

If updating the app and the device doesn’t help eliminate the ‘Orbi App Not working issue, you can move towards force-stopping the app from the smartphone settings. The steps for the same can differ depending upon the model you have. However, the same can be done from the Settings only. Head to device settings and go to the Application management window. Select the Orbi app from the list and open the app page. From this page, tap on the Force Stop option. This will force the app to stop its operations. Now, reboot your smartphone and activate the app again to see if it is working.

Clear Cache and App Data

The next step in resolving issues like Orbi app not connecting to router is clearing the App cache and saved data. You can open the device settings and clear the same. When app memory is full and the cache clogs up the same, the app faces issues functioning. Clearing the same will free up space resulting in App getting back to work.

Orbi app not connecting to the router

If the Orbi app is not connecting to the router network, it is possible that the smartphone/tablet you are using to operate the app is not connected to that network. In order for them to connect, you’ll need to keep the smartphone on the same network as well.

Once they are, you can proceed with connecting them again. Furthermore, check the password that you are using to connect to the router network. If there is some error in the app password that you are using, the app will not connect.

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