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How To Select The Right Talent For Your Saas Startup | Phone System?

Creating and running a saas startup is all about creating an incredible product and selling it to your target customers. However, you need the right resources to do that.

The right team could set the benchmark for your business success, especially when you’ve decided to expand beyond the founders.

How do you attract the top talent?

Do note that when you’re creating a product only you and your business partners know about, it is difficult to sell the product idea to other people and convince them to sell it.

First you need to understand and envision why you would like to work for a SaaS startup before expecting people to work for you.

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Company values Phone system for doctors

It doesn’t matter if your company is providing the best phone system for doctors, or you’re running a grocery store next door, your company’s values are the true essence of your business.

Once your company values are finalized, promote them on your website, social media handles, and personal and professional connections.

An online presence

Obviously, every business needs to make a solid effort in order to catch the eyeballs of the industry. This is why you need a powerful, prominent online presence.

Try to represent your business in the best manner possible through various digital mediums and ensure you get in front of the right audience, i.e., startups and businesses interested in acquiring your softwares as a service.

Compensation packages

Even if you’re hiring a content producer for a digital marketing blog, top talent is always going to demand competitive salary packages against your competitors.

Understandably, being a startup you might be quite tight on your funds and rather underpay your employees. But increasing their packages as soon as possible is important if you’re to retain the right talent on board.

Till you receive the first round of funding, try to offer employees equity in your startup as a compensation.

Hunt for potential candidates

For a SaaS based company, recruitment is more or less an ongoing process, even if you don’t have many clients and resources at the moment.

I am not talking about hiring people and starting to pay them easy money, but creating and maintaining quality relationships with experienced personnel, just in case the need arises.

Remember, it is not always the employees looking for good jobs, but connecting with top professionals is a major chunk in any recruiter’s job description as well.

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Apparently you’ll be busy wearing multiple hats during the growing stage in your startup. Keep in mind you’re a valuable asset for the business too.

Participate in healthy networking by attending conferences, meetings, social gatherings, tech meetups and dinners. The idea of closing a million dollar deal over a coffee at Starbucks is a real deal.

The point is to leverage your position, industry exposure, and experiences to attract potential candidates, vendors, business partners, and clients.

What’s there to look in for a hire?

Here are a few questions you need to answer when devising your recruitment strategy.

  • If you want a software developer in your team, would you want a number of inexperienced to mediocre resources or highly experienced, selective individuals?
  • Given your current startup situation, should you want your team to be specialists or generalists?
  • What level of experience are you expecting to have on board?

Skills against attitude

Usually, skills and qualifications are first considered over attitude, seemingly, that only looks good on paper.

But when we talk about startups, attitude becomes more important as chaos often prevails, and employees are expected to work beyond their typical JD or acquire added responsibilities to help the company get their processes and teams developed.

This calls for working collaboratively without pinning their experience and roles in every meeting. If the employee is ready to pull up his or her sleeves, they’re a great fit.

A cultural fit

It might not seem much, but the company’s culture has a lasting impression that affects the business’s and employees’ success in the long run.

You want a candidate that aligns well with your company’s culture, both emotionally and mentally.

It is important as the first generation of your workforce will determine the type of people who shall come further as the business grows.

Generalists or specialists

As we mentioned earlier, you need a jack of all trades or a master of one?

It is often difficult for recruiters and business owners to decide whether they should go for someone who has eons of experience in a particular thing, or someone who has a moderate experience in a number of different things.

In most cases when startups are in their infancy stage, expertise might not be a priority, but individuals who can handle multiple jobs at once.

But when the startup grows and the processes, teams, and roles are more clearly defined, Phone system for doctors now is the time an expert comes in to help you scale.

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